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A Week’s Worth of Challenges!

This week I have a daily challenge to help us to keep focused and stay committed to all of our healthy habtiudes!

Meatless Monday: The whole day go Meatless!
Tiny Tuesday: ¬†Make sure your portions are on point and you’re not overeating-even your healthy food! Check in for every meal and snack. Think ahead, and eat preemptively so you are not starving by the time your next meal comes around!
Weigh-in Wednesday: It’s the middle of the week, and this should give you a good gage on where to amp up the workouts, or adjust your eating. Revisit our Slim Secrets for That Summer Event!
Thirsty Thursday: Today you are going to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. Keep your water bottle near by, and make sure you are toting it to work. Check out more on why we need to stay hydrated here!
Fitness Friday: TGIF! Start thinking about the weekend with the right frame of mind. Give yourself the best workout you have had all week! Add an extra loop on your running route, try a new class, haul a friend to a spinning studio, take a walk today morning, noon and night, or set up the living room to be your own home gym!
Sweet and Savory Saturday and Sunday: Treat yourself once on each of these days. Go out for ice-cream with your family, buy a new pair of running shoes, get a massage, or sit in the hammock with the newspaper and a beer. When you work as hard as we do, you deserve your sweet treats. Choose them wisely, and savor those moments!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are gearing up for hopefully a great week! Were you able to catch our special weekend post, Fun in the Sun. Food, Fitness, and Hair Flips?
Be sure to check in throughout the week to let me know how your habitude challenges are going! I have come to learn that if I do not have a goal or something interesting, fun, or challenging to focus on, my habitudes can become stagnant or weak. Let’s all keep pressing on and into new things, becoming better, and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones!

We must choose the right attitude toward our challenges and refuse to quit or give up. We may have to do what is right for a long time before we feel it is “paying off,” but if we stay faithful and refuse to give up, good results will come. -Joyce Meyer


Your Trainer,

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