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Are You Ready to Get Rugged?

Meet Paul! Paul is a team member and fitness veteran that embodies and lives out the Habitude Fitness values. Today he is our guest writer and is encouraging us to sign up for an incredible event! He is handing out great training advice, encouragement, and created an opportunity to stay connected and accountable!
paul ruggedThe Rugged Maniac is coming up on August 2nd. Several of the Habitude Crew will be running around 10:30 a.m. and spending some time together tailgating after the race. Are you joining us this year?  It is a blast and a nice time with like-minded people. Wonder what to expect? You will run up and down the mountain a few times, you’ll climb over things, crawl through things (mud & pipes), cross narrow beams, and jump over fire. Want to work out to get ready? Well that’s what we will talk about here.

There are plenty of programs on the web:




If you think about it, the Habitude Lifestyle is suited for these events. There is some running, crawling, climbing, balance and jumping. So you will need to mix up your training and do all sorts of things in order to be best prepared. HITT can help with the intensity of the hill climbs, but be sure to run some actual hills too. Yoga poses can help with the balance aspects. Crawling and climbing requires some upper body strength, which you can gain through push-ups and chins.

Check out this fun video of some highlights from last summer’s training sessions, races, and hangouts to get pumped before you get to work on these burners!

100 Burpee Challenge:
First find some place to run about a 1/4 mile
Do 10 strict burpees
Do a lap around your course
Repeat 10 times

Heartbreak Ridge:
Find a steep hill that is 25-50 feet long
Do 10 push-ups
Run up the hill as fast as you can
Walk back down
Repeat 10 times

Crawl Baby Crawl:
Find a flat park and set up a square course with 50 feet on a side
Do 10 push-ups
Bear crawl to the next station
Do 10 squats
Belly crawl to the next station
Do 10 sit-ups
Crawl normally to the next station
Do 10 toe touches
Sprint back to the start
Repeat 10 times
rugged team

Playground Romp:
Find a playground
Mark a point 100 yards from the equipment
Do 10 chins
Run to your point
Do 10 squats
Run back to the equipment
Climb for a minute
Run back to your point
Do 10 push-ups
Run back to the equipment
Do 10 Rows
Run back to your point
Do 10 sit-ups
Repeat (yes you guessed it) 10 times

A Mile in Their Shoes:
Map out a mile loop
Do 50 squats
Do 20 sit-ups
Do 20 push-ups
Run you loop
Repeat 3 times

Up and Up:
Find a shallow grade hill about 0.2 mile long
Set a Kettlebell or dumbbell at the top
Walk to the bottom of the hill
Sprint back up
Swing your weight 10 times
Repeat 10 times

Mix these up throughout the weeks leading up to the race. Keep track of the amount of time it takes you to each of them. If your time gets shorter then you are getting stronger. Besides workouts like these, you need keep your cardio base. You can do that with HITT classes, riding the bike, cardio equipment, swimming, hiking, etc.

As with everything, scale the exercises to what you are capable of and always use good form. Need to do push-ups on your knees then do so! Can’t do 10 burpees in a row, then do them 1 at a time. The object is to get some cardio while you are improving your strength. You need to make sure you are eating well and getting plenty of rest.
boot camp cool downIf you are interested in doing some of these workouts with others then join the Rugged Habitude group on Facebook. We can post when and where we are doing them so that others can join.

Thanks Paul! Great stuff!
Your Teammates,
Cassie and Paul

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