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Home Fitness…Yay or Nay?

I am one of those crazy people who really does love the gym. I am a trainer and long time group fitness instructor and feel that I know how to give myself a pretty good workout! However, nothing compares to being held accountable to a class start time and your friends that always stand next to you. I love walking in and saying hello to the dedicated and friendly front desk staff, and chatting it up with other fitness junkies while waiting for a piece of equipment to open up. I am hardly ever home when I say I am going to be because I love doing a little run or extra core work after class, and of course, I often get caught up in a great conversation with friends which gets me home late as well. I am indeed pro gym membership! However, we are all wired up differently. Not just that, but life and our schedules often have many twists and turns. Home fitness is a great way to get it done with fewer excuses popping up or getting in the way!Sometimes it is just easier to exercise at home and cut out the commute by popping in a DVD or heading out your own front door for a run. If you are finding yourself in a season where financially, personally, or occupationally you just can’t commit to the gym, it’s okay! It’s easier than ever to keep fitness a top priority from the comfort of your own home!

I love YouTube for many reasons. There are so many free workouts! And they are good! There are some fantastic channels out there providing us with great resources for exercise. Here are a few of my favorites: Fitness Blender puts out some stellar and profession videos. You can find almost any workout under this channel.

Tone It Up is geared more toward women. I have been following these girls for years, even before they were fitness stars! They combine several groups of muscles in one move for maximum results. That is right up my alley and their workouts are fun.
This sunset workout is one of my all-time favorites. I often find myself pulling it up and ending my day with it.

The Livestrong channel is for everyone and another brand that I trust to put out researched information. Again, search and you will find!

For at home yoga I always end up at Tara Stiles. I feel that she makes yoga very approach. I enjoy her style and flow…ahhhh…

I also enjoy keeping up with Tony Horton. You all know him from his at home workout DVDs, P90X. He is a big personality, but I find him funny and he is the real deal when it comes to knowing the science in how to train!

Home based fitness has come a loooong way...

Home based fitness has come a loooong way…

Speaking of Tony Horton, who out there has ever run through 90 days with him? I just finished actually! I purchased P90X3 for my husband due to his long working hours in hopes that he could carve out the 30 minutes X3 is programmed around. Once we moved and were attempting to get settled, I found that giving this a go would be great for me to try too. First 90 days done! After a few weeks, I felt I needed to add a bit more time and usually ended up doing an hour or so of workouts combing the DVDs with my running days and such…but overall I really enjoyed them. They are tough and you will sweat! I love that you need minimal equipment (we packed tubing at various strengths, as well as our chin up bar and push-up stands). I am definitely going to go through another round and see how I improve at these challenging workouts. Just like me, you can listen to your body and make the program work for you! There is a doubles option (two 30 minute workouts a day) when you are choosing which schedule to follow, as well as classic, lean, and mass. P90 x, P90 X2, and P90X3 are all products from Beach Body. Beach Body is changing the way people workout in their homes by producing tons of great at home DVDs. Check out Insanity, Turbo Fire, or Les Mills Combat. There truly is a home-based work DVD for everyone!

Social Media:
I am so grateful for social media-especially when it comes to attempting to stay motivated and inspired. With Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and FaceBook getting inspired is a piece of cake. People are posting awesome stuff. #eatclean #HIIT #abworkout #marathon #traindirty #nogymrequired, #healhties are a few of my favs…#goodhabits #habitudefitness (use our hashtags so I can see what you are doing!) Find support, motivation, workouts, training tips, nutrition, recipes, and information easier than ever!
Some of my favorites include:
Habitude Fitness…duh.:)
You may get sucked into Pinterest creating a workout or motivation board, and perhaps you will find yourself taking more selfies than your kids. Oh well…at least we can find a way to put this technology to good use by supporting one another! #niceworkout

I have so many cool products from Spri (the perfect provider for at home equipment) that I am missing right now as I wasn’t able to bring much along with me. However, I stashed away some of my goodies and keep them out in my living room. Have you ever heard the saying out of sight out of mind? Same thing with your equipment. If your treadmill is in the coldest, darkest, loneliest room in the house it may not be too motivating to go jump on. Same goes if it is covered in dirty clothes-you may forget its original purpose. Sometimes I leave my yoga mat rolled out on the floor all day. As I walk by the room, the mat calls my name! A few stretches and a vinyasa before moving on can make a world of difference. I can’t say I would do that if the mat wasn’t already out and ready.

What do you think of home fitness? Are you motivated enough to do it on your own? Can you push yourself hard enough when no one else is watching? Do you supplement your time at the gym with time on your own? What and where do you get your workouts from? Your motivation? I would love to hear your thoughts about this! It is true that when I am working out on my own I often picture the people I used to teach/take group fitness with. Imagining them with me always gives me that extra push!No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2427309932-OYour Trainer,

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