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Try it Thursday: #tbt

#tbt or Throw Back Thursday is a pretty hot trend right now. Sometimes it can be fun to look back. It can help us review, learn something, see growth, or have a good laugh.

I have enjoyed building the Habitude Fitness community so much and today I thought I would throw back with you some of my favs over the last year and a half!

Filling on Premium Fuel (and Vegan Black Bean Burgers!)
This was by a guest writer who tells us about how she found out the hard way the importance of eating the right food and training your body. She also gave us one of my favorite summer recipes!

Try it Thursday: Your New 100%
This is just a good reminder to be willing to take a step back every once in a while.

Convincing a Reluctant Loved One to Be Healthy
I just had yet another conversation with a woman yesterday who is concerned for her spouse because of his habits. With gentleness I issued out some advice, but this is a tough one. We press into this issue because we love and because we care.

Try it Thursday: 20, 20, 20!
If you are ever feeling lost and don’t know what to do for your workout, just go here…that’s what I do and it kills me every single time!

Try it Thursday: Ask Why!
I am big on vision and goal setting…knowing your whys are important in achieving anything!

And I loved these motivating guest writers! Stories are what get me, and we all have one. Let these guys inspire you again!
Abbie, Liz, and Jen
Connect with me about your wellness journey. I want to hear  about it and feature you on the blog too! You have no idea the impact you could make!

Lastly, here is a throw back playlist for you to enjoy during your upcoming workouts!

Do you have a favorite post?
Your Trainer,

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