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Pep Talk!

Monday… the start of a new week. Although we can often find ourselves¬†working for the weekend, Mondays can offer a fresh start to many things. Everyone needs a fresh start now and again-I know I sure can.

I don’t care if you over indulged at a BBQ, ate half a pan of brownies, or skipped too many workouts to count. Start over now. It doesn’t matter if you were feeling lonely, grumpy, sad, or irritated. Today you are going to dust yourself off and refocus, recommit, chose your attitude, and start again.No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2427307574-O
Too much sun, too much beer, or too much T.V.? Who cares? You are going to go after this week like you mean it! In the forefront of your mind you see future you, you see a finish line, you see healthy, shining, and happy- and it looks so good!

Starting now, this very moment, you are going to get pumped up and excited about you! Do not let your circumstance define you. Allow all of your hopes, dreams, and plans to fuel your day and reestablish commitment to the things you let slip. You got this. There is no holding you back…Okay? OKAY!!
Be better now.
With you all the way.
Your Trainer,

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