There are so many foods out there that one day we hear may be harmful to our health, and the next we read it has been linked to longevity. Coffee, though not necessarily considered a health food, has been studied and to date is one of those foods that can actually be more helpful than harmful!coffee

If you need that cup of coffee in the morning just to get out the door, that may be a sign of caffeine dependence, lack of good quality sleep, or other more serious issues. Also, please keep in mind that when we are talking about adding, keeping, and/or enjoying that cup of coffee in the diet, we are not talking about creams and sugars, frappuccinos, and venti white mochas! Take your coffee black or perhaps with a splash of your favorite milk.

Why do we now think coffee is good for us rather than it having the potential to stunt our growth? In earlier studies it was not taken into consideration that smoking and inactivity accompanied many coffee drinkers of the time. More recent coffee studies have shown benefits in protecting us against Parkinson’s Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and liver cancer. However, unfiltered coffees (think consuming increase doses of espresso) could lead to a mild increase in cholesterol levels, while more than two cups per day could increase the risk of heart disease depending on how your body breaks down and metabolizes caffeine.  Therefore, just like so many things, (with the exception of our leafy greens!) drink your coffee in moderation.

Are you excited yet? Grab your favorite mug while you read on for a few more reason to enjoy that hot steamy cup a joe!

1. Coffee may help increase your metabolism or even lose weight!
2. Coffee may help to prevent gallstones.
3. Coffee may decrease risk for depression.
4. Coffee may help to improve your memory.
5. Coffee may help to increase both short-term and endurance performance. (Have that cup before your workout and see if it makes a difference!- I always have a cup before my morning sweat session!)
6. Coffee may help to reduce gout- an inflammatory disease.

Check out this short clip from How Stuff Works to understand why coffee is working for us!

Food Babe has a great recipe alternative to a fattening frappuccino that is easy to make at home.

Get the recipe here!

Get the recipe here!

Coffee can be addictive due to the caffeine, so please be sure you take notice if you are exhibiting any signs of this. If you miss your cup do you become anxious, sluggish, have a headache, or become irritable? Make sure coffee is a luxury in your life-not a necessity. Be mindful that late afternoon consumption of caffeine has the potential to disrupt your sleep even hours later. Coffee is acidic in nature and may cause gastric upset, especially on an empty stomach. You will feel the burning if it is upsetting you. If you are a coffee drinker balance your acid base status by eating more alkaline foods such as dark leafy greens, garlic, peppers, cauliflower, and carrots.

Are you convinced yet that along with red wine, dark chocolate, and popcorn, coffee has its place in your healthy habitudes?
What is you favorite way to treat yourself to coffee?

Cheers! #goodhabitude

Cheers! #goodhabitude

Your Trainer,


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