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Try it Thursday: Take a Hike!

Healthy, happy, economical, beautiful, peaceful, adventurous, interesting, challenging, sunshine, scenery, wild life, Mother Earth, and you…these are just a few of things you may experience on a hike. This long holiday weekend, I challenge you to grab…well, honestly you don’t need much but a good pair of cross trainers or hiking boots!

Wander without purpose or reason...

Wander without purpose or reason…

Other gear to consider:
Walking Poles
GPS-I used my Map My Run App on my phone, which was able to tell me how far my hike ended up being. This app works great for many of your outdoor workouts!
Heart Rate Monitor

When you go out for a hike you are increasing your cardiovascular fitness level and keeping your joints flexible to decrease risk of osteoarthritis. You are burning calories (I burned 350 calories in just about an hour with a total of 3 miles. That is not that long of a hike! Imagine heading out on a real adventure this weekend!) Hiking will target your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. By giving you the opportunity to set aside many of your stressors, it will also leave you with a feeling much like that at the end of a good yoga class-ahhhh….
HIke field

A holiday weekend can be all about sleeping in, relaxing, going out to eat, honey-do lists, or heading to a BBQ; all great things! However, I encourage you to change your routine up, and set aside some time to head outdoors, find a park, forest preserve, or wooded area and create a little adventure. Enjoy nature and don’t be afraid to get lost for a while. Step off of the path, and walk uphill. Pause your journey to snap pictures of things that you find beautiful, inspiring, or even breathtaking. Take a friend with you and have meaningful conversation…or none at all. I look forward to hearing about how taking a hike brought you home again.

Let's go on an adventure. I'll make some pb&j. You grab the canteens. Let's get lost together...

Let’s go on an adventure.
I’ll make some pb&j.
You grab the canteens.
Let’s get lost together…

Hike snail

HIke branches

Hike creek

Your Trainer,

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