I have a love hate relationship with several things in life; the dentist, chocolate chip cookie dough, and Christmas music to name a few.

Burpees easily climb to the top of this list as well!

I love burpees because they burn mega calories, they make you stronger, they require no equipment, and you can get creative with them! I hate them simply because they kick my butt every time I do them!

Today our challenge is to see how many burpees we can do in 30 seconds. Check in on the comments section or social media!

How to do a proper burpee:
-Stand up straight, then get into a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you.
-Jump your feet back into a plank position and immediately jump your feet back up towards your hands as quickly as you can. (These burpees are about speed, so no push-up is necessary.)
-Immediately jump into the air as high as you can!
-Adding a clap will get you bonus points!

Don’t forget to check in!
Your Trainer,

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