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Try it Thursday: Be Insane or Inspired!

Last weekend my husband Jake and I took the tube to downtown London to be two of the tens of thousands of spectators cheering on the runners in this year’s marathon. Taking me to watch was actually my husband’s idea as he knows I get pretty excited and even emotional watching these types of events. The sun shined down brightly for a pleasant yet crisp Spring day. We walked the route for several miles finding places to stop, watch, and cheer. We actually were able to witness the winner Wilson Kipsang run by us at mile 23 pacing like a true race horse. Several moments later the front-runners went by and I couldn’t help but notice how strong they looked. Great Britain’s Mo Farah came in 8th place and the crowd went nuts when he whizzed by. As awesome as it was to see the front-runners pass us by with legs that looked as if they would go up to my shoulders, it was the runners with disabilities, the runners wearing t-shirts for a cause, and the runners that looked just like me and you that got me choked up.

Of course it is amazing what the human body is capable of given the right mindset and training. It keeps me in awe whenever I attend a sporting event or watch something like the Olympics on T.V. However it is more about the energy you feel in a place like that. So many people united and cheering on humanity. We connect to each other, to the runners, to suffering, to strength,  to a cause.
video marathonI must admit that I didn’t walk away from this spectacular event saying that I was going to sign up and run in it next year. But, I did have some reflection time on getting and becoming inspired.

Do you make space for inspiration? My dream for my life here on Earth would be to affect the greater good, help others, be a light in a dark place, and be apart of things that matter. However, even with good intentions, I can get stuck in the monotonous life-the day in and day out routine that bring me peace, and a life that is quite comfortable. However, when I make space to be inspired, I come up with dreams, goals, plans, and vision. It was Albert Einstein that said something that resonates with me: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Ugh, too often I am guilty of that. Change is hard, and committing to change requires time and discipline. No matter what area of our wellness needs a change, it is simply creating space to allow things to affect us, tug at our hearts, motivate us, and inspire us. Inspire us for greater things than we could comprehend I am sure!

Whether weight loss or saving the whales-running a marathon or running a mile-packing your lunch or starting a business, let’s allow ourselves to become influenced by others and our beautiful world and be the change you wish to see in the world.-Mahatma Gandhi

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Your Trainer,

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