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Spring Running Workout!

Straight to it today! Here is a great workout to do on the treadmill when it’s too cold to go outside. Follow along for an interval on each song. You are going to love and hate me for this one!
treadmill missy

You Make Me: Steady warm up pace-walk or jog.
Tonight is the Night: Slightly increase your pace. You are moving faster than a jog here. However, this is a pace you feel you can maintain for this 3 minute song!
Freakshow: Slow back down to your warm up pace of a walk or jog. On the chorus pick up you pace and sprint until the next verse. Allow the intensity of the music to build up and fuel you! Give people something to stare at ya Freak!)
(You will have done 3 rounds of interval sprinting if you follow along!)
I’ll Run: Increase your incline and walk or jog on an uphill climb. Every minute that passes of this song, increase your hill by 0.5! Whew! Come on now…you can do 3 minutes and 46 seconds of anything!
Alive: Come down off of your incline. Side step together (hang onto the hand grips if you are on the treadmill) for  30 seconds. Switch sides for 30 seconds, then run at a quick but comfortable pace for 1 minute. Complete the song in this pattern…and feel alive!
Inside of Me: Last round of sprints…you can do this! On the chorus, ready, set, go!! (Follow along and you will do 3 crazy sprints!)
Champagne Supernova: Cool down…you earned it!

Make this playlist work for you. Use the workout on a walk, on the elliptical, in spinning, and of course in your runs!

Your Trainer,


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