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Obsessed With Intensity?

Almost two years ago I was at a fitness conference and attended a session that introduced me to the exciting world of HIIT, specifically Tabata training. I took a class by fitness guru Mindy Mylrea where she spoke on the podium explaining what Tabata training was, why it worked, and how she was going to lead us in a workout. It intrigued me, excited me, and spoke to me. Better, faster, stronger! I love the high I get in a crazy hard workout. This intense form of training has revolutionized the industry to say the least. DSC_4593-2-3079021286-O

Over the last 6 months, I have been on another journey. A journey where I have heard lectures, read articles, and see more research coming out that advises participants to be very careful of the overtraining that can easily result from high-intensity interval training. When your body experiences stress of any kind; think deadlines at work, getting ready to host a party (a good stress, but unfortunately your body can not differentiate between the good or bad), tossing and turning in bed, or doing burpees in your training, your nervous system goes into something called fight or flight. If your body is constantly experiencing stress, whether at work or home or even in your training regimen, it will go into protection mode. If you are getting too lean, working at high intensities to often, or eating a low-calorie diet, your body won’t like it too much! If you feel like you are doing everything right; eating lean and clean, working out like a maniac, and hitting the hay early, but still, have that little pot belly or an extra 5-7 pounds to lose-it may be time to change up the training.

I have been called the “hard” trainer in gyms. My workouts have evolved over the years into intense sessions with inspiring and gritty music! The harder I made my classes, the more people wanted to come (glutens for punishment I guess!). However, we must remember that an effective workout does not always have to be accompanied by dripping sweat, foggy mirrors, and jumping as high as the guy next to you. In my personal training sessions, I typically try to take my clients through a journey of metabolic training. We do not do HIIT for the entire session, but rather attempt to focus on volume (strength), power (HIIT), and some oxidative fat burning (steady cardio). This taps into all three energy systems that must be utilized to be considered a balanced training regimen. These energy systems can be tapped into within one workout, or throughout the week.

I am just like you. I am on a journey that includes highs and lows. I value all six elements of wellness; emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. I stand by my mission that if one element of wellness is suffering it will affect the others. Upon reflection, I resolve that my body, mind, and spirit, have been under stress. With some health issues that we have invested our time and resources in to seek answers, the effects of that on daily life, restless sleep, an international move, and intense workouts day after day, I believe my body is in fight mode. It has been there for a while, and it is tired. I know you can all relate to this.
As people, we gravitate toward others that we are similar to. Habitude Fitness followers are a hard-working people that value excellence. We like to put in the hard work, and no pain no gain is a badge of honor we often wear. I am officially telling you, that is bull. Knowing this is one thing, but living it is another. That is my issue-knowing but not always doing.

In regards to our training, it is not more, more, more, but rather different, different, different, that will help you to be in balance and yes-even shed those last 5-10 pounds that are hiding your beautifully toned and strong muscles. HIIT should really only be done 2-3 times per week and for no more than 40 minutes, as you shouldn’t be able to last that long! If you are participating in an hour-long HIIT session, be sure to include a 5-10 minute warmup, a cool down, and take plenty of recoveries after your bouts of HIIT. We love HIIT because it’s FUN, we feel POWERFUL, and it WORKS. But we also love it because of its effects long after our workout.  20-40 minutes of HIIT training is ideal. Long steady state cardio days are key to fat burning, and taking part in at least 2-3 days a week of strength training is a must. Balance is the goal.

After my move, I am taking a week or two off to allow my body to reset. After that I am going to be very mindful is recreating a balanced workout routine for myself. I love my intense classes, but I plan to slow down a bit as an instructor, being mindful not to overdo them! I would love to post these efforts on the blog, and have you join me! If you are thinking about stepping back from your intensity with fear that you may be overtraining, don’t worry. Less intensity does not mean fewer results. Your body is like a thermostat and has perhaps gotten used to how you operate. If you change things up, and constantly keep it guessing, you will indeed lose pounds and continue to gain strength and power. This is a fact no matter if you are a dedicated fitness junkie, or a novice; change is good.

Stress is a nasty thing, but we can’t avoid it. It’s in how we deal with it that will make all of the difference in our health. Make sure you are eating enough and eating the right kinds of food at the right times. Be sure to get enough sleep, rest, and recovery. If you struggle with this, do some research on how you can get better at it. As always resource your doctor if you are tired, fatigued, depressed, restless, or injured. Be sure to vary your training. Even if you love the endorphin highs you receive from HIIT, Cross Fit, and boot camps, be sure that your intensity levels are appropriate for your fitness level today, and that you are changing throughout the workout and/or throughout the week. Not only will you yield better results, but you will refrain from nasty injuries. Include work on body weight exercises, range of motion, and balance maneuvers-be fit all the way around! Lastly, and I know you, let’s go easy on ourselves. Talk to yourself with kindness, don’t sweat the small stuff, and find healthy outlets that give you rest, peace, and joy. Live life fully!

Your Trainer,



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