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Try it Thursday: Get Airborne!

I used to be concerned about all of the jumping I do in my classes and training. However, the more fit I have become in my jumping, the less it hurts. It no longer hurts my knees or makes me sore the next day in that, uh-oh what did I do, kind of way. However, although I believe you can turn yourself into a jumper no matter your fitness level, I always tell my participants that jumping (feet leaving the ground) is their choice. We can still get a killer burn by exploding in the fitness move without the jump. However, if we do decide to get airborne, we must jump properly, be mindful of how we feel, and keep at it!   DSC_5124-2-3089552676-O

Jumping elevates your heart rate. By elevating your heart rate, and breathing more deeply, you are delivering oxygen to the heart and eventually to the muscles! The better you get at this, the more efficient your cardiovascular system becomes. Let’s say you were doing a round of HIIT and jump squats was one of your rounds. Early in your training you may only be able to do 5 or 6 repetitions in a 20 second interval. However, over time, you may see yourself completing 10-15 of these powerful moves! Another reason you are able to do more in less time is because jumping uses all the muscles in your body. Therefore, you are indeed getting stronger!

I love doing star jumps! And I think many of my participants have come around to liking them as well!IMG_20140111_085430190Here, we need to squat low with feel at least shoulder width apart, tush to the back, knees not peaking over the toes. As we explode from this position our feet leave the floor and the arms shoot up and slightly out. Decelerating from our jumps is something that we work hard on in my trainings in order to save our knees. Soft landing is the key! As soon as those feet hit the floor, BOOM, we are exploding again!

This amazing woman Gloria is in in her 70s! She is getting vertical from a plank!

This amazing woman Gloria is in in her 70s! She is getting vertical from a plank!

How can you work more jumping into your routine?

The jump rope is an awesome workout tool because it is portable, it provides agility training (try incorporating one foot,  kriss crosses, double jumps, moving while jumping etc.) , and it works your upper and lower body while increases the heart rate.

Jump Rope Routine:
Jump rope for 5 minutes
Perform 1 minute of crunches
Jump rope for 4 minutes
Perform 1 minute of a plank hold
Jump Rope for 3 minutes
Perform 1 minute of push ups
Jump rope for 2 minutes
Perform 1 minute of bicycle crunches
Jump rope for 1 minute
Perform a side plank (30 seconds on each side)
To add an extra challenge think about using a speed rope or a weighted jump rope!

To ensure safety for the joints I also enjoy using a Step 360 from Spri, or the Bosu Balance Trainer. By jumping on or onto these pieces of equipment, you will ensure that “give” you are looking for in your jump landings! And, they are fun to bounce around on!IMG_20140212_084329279

HIIT with Jumps:
Perform each exercise with a maximum intensity. Go hard for 20 seconds. Take a brief 10 seconds recovery and move onto the next exercise! Go worry free with a HIIT timer from the play store. Set your time, recovery time, reps, and rounds!
1. Jump rope
Even if you do not have a jump rope, or feel you are not coordinated for this exercise, go ahead and bounce around pretending to have a rope in hand! Arms and legs are moving!
2. Jumping jacks
Make sure your arms reach high overhead and those fingers touch on every jump! Modification here!
3. Star jumps
How to is described above!
4. Lateral skaters
How to: Go into a deep sideways lunge and then shift your weight to the other side and lift your leg off the ground. Drift from side to side, always in deep lunge, raising your foot each time.
Repeat again from the top to ensure two full rounds. Work this into the end of a walk, a leg day in the gym, or just stand up from your desk while at work and squeeze in some exercise! (If you do this, please send me a picture!)

As always with any exercise, the benefit must outweigh the risk. If you feel safe then jump in place, jump rope, jump over children or fences, jump on a trampoline, jump in the kitchen, jump in all the new places you visit…I would love to see how, where, and when you jump! #habitudejump

Taylor was a little hesitant about box jumps, but when she nailed it, there was no holding her back!

Your Trainer,

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