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Spring Training: Round One!

Despite the cold temps in Chicagoland, the snow will be melting soon. Yes…it may snow again, and even again…but I say it’s time for us to think Spring!
Here is your Habitude Fitness Spring Training Guide!DSC_5065-2-3089551245-O

Change Up Your Routine:
We all do it. We get in a rut. A rut in our job, our clothes, our hobbies, and our relationships. Even fitness junkies can find themselves in a workout rut. Spring is the perfect time for you to change things up. Rock the boat a little by signing up for a specialty class once a week. For example, a good session on a Pilates reformer, or at a Yoga studio could rock your body in ways you didn’t know were even capable.  The Daily Method is growing in popularity as well as intense spinning classes like Fly Wheel. Ditch the Starbucks a couple of times this month and you will have a little extra cash flow for dropping in on these hot new trends!
How about carving out time for two-a-days for a couple of weeks to take your routine and results to a new level? Check out some home workout DVDs like Insanity, P90X 3, or Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Three days a week wake up and go to your spin class, hit your cardio machine, or take the dog for walk like usual. When the afternoon or evening hits, pop in one of your DVDs for an extra strength building session. Continue with your other workouts as planned for the week. Your two-a-days is only part of your Spring Training!

Get a Checkup:
It is so important to keep tabs on blood pressure, blood chemistries, and the like. Spring is a great time to get the work-up by scheduling an appointment for a physical before you get too busy with all the enjoyment of sunshine and fresh air in the coming months!

Spring Clean Your Kitchen:
It is time to throw away the leftover Christmas popcorn, Valentine’s Day chocolates, or should I even say…the Halloween treats?! While you are it, throw away any junk food. Cookies, candies, pretzels, low-fat salad dressings, and any “diet food“. untitledBuy some new running or workout shoes:
We don’t realize how many miles we put on our favorite pair of kicks. Take notice to see if your knees, shins, or back feels different after you lace up a new pair. Now is a great time start looking. Check this post out to help guide you in your purchase!

Skin Care:
Forming good habitudes in regards to taking care of your skin is a must. Though it is important to wear sunscreen year-round, skin care changes as the seasons change.
Men, here is a great resource from askmen.com
Also some new and interesting tips tailored toward women.

HIIT the Park Workout!
When the temps reach above freezing I begin to see my neighbors trickle out of hibernation for some fresh air, and I myself am ready to endure some longer bouts of time outdoors. Head to your local park and try this HIIT workout as you soak in some much-needed vitamin D!
Perform each exercise for 30 seconds of maximum intensity followed by a 30 second recovery!

1. Side Step up on a bench or table. Lift outer leg to come almost parallel with the ground. Slowly and actively lower your leg down as you step off the bench. Keep going until time is up, then switch sides!
IMG_20130527_101907_3992.Tricep dips off of a bench.
IMG_20130522_182338_9593. Knee tucks from hanging off the money bars. Hello core!
IMG_20130527_103256_768IMG_20130527_103126_6084. Bear crawl. If you do this downhill and back up, it’s even harder!

IMG_20130527_103135_4285. Walking Lunges.
IMG_20130508_071743_897Recover and then repeat! Try to make it through this round 2-4 times!

Spring is just around the corner!
Your Trainer,

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