imagesU47YBUROThis week I announced to my clients and classes that I will be moving next month. We are temporarily relocating to London for my husband’s work with Motorola. As exciting as this adventure is, it is bittersweet for me. I have had such a great time training with those of you who live locally. It is extremely life-giving, and a true blessing in my life. You and your tenacity for optimal health and well-being keeps me motivated and energized-especially on the days when it isn’t so easy to feel that way about fitness or life! I enjoy exercise, I do. But you all have given me a gift of creativity by allowing me to program workouts for you and now write on this blog. I am genuinely invested and interested in your journeys. It is hard to step away, even for a short time because I care about you and this piece of our lives. However, the great thing about moving nowadays is the ease of staying connected to those you care about. If you are a part of this community from afar, not much will change for you! I will continue to research, write, program workouts, and be on the hunt for amazing workout jams! I will not stop blogging, and highly encourage you to speak up about what you would like to see from the blog and Habitude Fitness in the coming year! I am very open to every suggestion that you have!

Thank-you dear friends. I recommend this song for your playlists. It makes me think of you!

Your Trainer and Friend,

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