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KNOCK-OFF Workouts Keep it Fresh!

I often joke in training and in classes that I have exercise ADD. I love to keep things interesting, challenging, and ALWAYS changing.

I really do believe that frequent changes and an awesome playlist can keep us working out at a high level and defeats boredom like nothing else. I often incorporate pyramid training into weightlifting, cycle classes, running drills, and more. One of my fitness go-to’s is something I call Knock Off.
Think about incorporating this programming into your workout routine!DSC_1649-2200639057-O

How to do a round of Knock Off:

Complete all 10 exercises, 1-10, all the way through. Come back up to the top of the list and knock off #10 and complete 1-9. Go back to the top and knock off 9 and 10 and perform 1-8. Back to the top you go and perform all 7 remaining exercises…Continue to knock the last exercise off until you have made your way through the whole workout.

Until Habitude Fitness starts making fitness videos for you, I have researched some videos on how to perform several of the exercises mentioned below. As always, if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me!

Knock Off with HIIT:
Perform 30 seconds of exercises 1-10. Be sure to take a recovery period before returning to the top of your pyramid to perform exercises 1-9. Take a break after each round before returning to the top and working your way through!
1. Squat Jumps
2. Cross Punches
3. Half Burpees
4. High Knees
5. Push-Ups
6. Jump Switch Lunges
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Jumping Jacks
9. Tricep Push-Ups
10. Full Burpees

Knock Off with Cardio Training:
1. Steady pace x 1 minute
2. Sprint x 20 seconds
3. Steady pace x 1 minute
4. Add resistance or incline x 1 minute
5. Add more resistance or incline x 30 seconds
6. Increase intensity or Sprint with the resistance or incline
7. Steady pace x 90 seconds
8. Sprint x 20 seconds (take a mini recovery.)
9. Sprint x 30 seconds (take a mini recovery.)
10. Sprint x 40 seconds

Knock Off with Weight Training:
Perform between 30 seconds – 1 minute of repetitions for each exercise. If you fatigue or your form suffers before your set time is up, no big deal! You will get stronger and last longer!
1. Hammer Curls
2. Curtsey Lunges
3. Tricep dips on a bench or chair
4. Push-ups
5. Plank Hold
6. Squats
7. Arnold Press
8. Deadlifts
9. Superman
10. Calf Raises

Check out some recent Habitude Fitness Playlists to really kick these workouts up! There is no way you will be able to hold still with a new mix!

Please let me know if you try your new Knock Off workouts or find your jam in one of the mixes!
Your Trainer,

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  • Tried this tonight since it was too cold to head to the gym and the treadmills at my apartment are broken — holy butt kicker! Did the HIIT set and loved it. Thanks for posting, Cass! Keep ’em coming.

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