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Update Interview: Corey!

It has been over 6 months since we heard from one of our friends who has truly reinvented himself. His story was inspiring then, and it is even more amazing now! I am blown away by his commitment, discipline, and positive outlook. Corey is one of the most humble guys around. I am the one approaching him, and encouraging him to share his story as we all find it so motivating. I am once again honored to give you an update interview with someone who embodies and strives to be healthy in the 6 dimensions of wellness we explore at Habitude Fitness.
Corey’s story in June 2013…and an update on his progress today:

Your first interview was so inspirational and many people were able to read and share your success with others. I know your willingness to share your story has been motivating to many people! Thank-you again!

Every week I see you, I am honestly blown away by your appearance. You look thinner, yet more muscular and stronger. You look happy and healthy. Please fill us in on where we last left off.
Last we spoke I was training for the prairie state half marathon and weighing in around 224lbs.  I’m happy to say that I finished the race with a time of 2:06 and although I missed my under 2 hour goal, I realize that it was still quite an achievement.  Since the race I have continued to run 20-30 miles a week as well cycle 50-75 miles a week.  The weight loss continues at a slow but regular pace (currently 209lbs for a total weight loss of 118lbs over 6 years).

Have you made any adjustments to your regimen, or is it a strong steady pace that is proving to get you what you are after?
As my weight continues to go down my endurance, speed, and recovery time have all improved.  I challenge myself to be “present” during my workouts concentrating on form, core strength and breathing technique.  I continue to perfect my stride during runs as well as invest in proper fitting shoes.  I urge anyone new to running to invest time researching the internet to determine which shoe to wear.  I have used http://www.runningshoesguru.com/ as a valuable resource.  Breathing is another key that has allowed me to go farther…rhythmic breathing is hard to master but I feel it has helped me stave of injury.  Check out this article: http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/running-air-breathing-techniqueFinally as I lose weight I have lost my ability to push super heavy weights…and this hurts only my pride.  I have lowered my weights and ramped up my reps.  This has helped me develop muscle definition while reducing my “footprint”.  I no longer view myself as “the big guy” and I’m OK with that now.

How are you staying motivated?
My son Cody is a constant source of encouragement and he continues to push me to “never be satisfied”. It’s not always easy because running can be monotonous.  In order to stay on track I am always adding new playlists to my mp3 to keep it fresh.  I use http://jog.fm/ to help me locate music that works for me.  I often tell people that I can’t do it without music.  I also have to credit you Cassie…your indomitable spirit and upbeat encouragement are both inspirational and uplifting! Your classes continue to crush the envelope while reminding me I that I still have a ways to go!  I also have to give credit to my friends in Cassie’s Saturday morning BT class…you guys all rock! You have to print that part! I can’t forget my buddies in Lisa’s Thursday spin and Cassie’s Friday spin..you gotta SPIN to WIN!!! Finally I have a group of mountain biking friends that always press the threshold as well as keep me competitive.  If anyone is looking for a challenging ride I recommend South Palos woods.  If you are interested in mountain biking…check out CAMBR http://cambr.org .  So you can see I have built a network of fitness friends that value being in shape and THAT is motivational!

What goals have you met over the last several months?
Most recently I took your “holiday” challenge and pushed myself hard during a time of the year when I usually slow down and gain weight.  I actually lost 1 pound in December after all the parties and endless treats.  I fell to temptation and ate poorly during that time, but I put in a lot of extra hours at the gym to keep me on track.  I wanted to be under 200 lbs. at the end of the year but alas…I fell short. I did run 850 miles and cycled 2000 miles in 2013.  I log each workout I do every day and include how I felt.  This habit has helped me stay on pace.  Keeping a record is the only way I can truly evaluate myself.

What goals do you have for 2014?

     2 half marathons-April and October

     1000 miles running

     2500 miles cycle

     52 BT or HIIT classes

     190 lbs.

Any tips or advice for people who are struggling to get there?
LOL!  You will never get there!!!  Seriously one of the factors that always used to trip me up was the feeling that I arrived. That was the cause of multiple setbacks and weight gains.  My advice is this….YOU CONTROL YOU!   #UCU    Free will is the best gift we have but it requires our attention.  Cassie’s 2013 goal “be present” captures the essence of controlling yourself.  As far as the nutrition goes I know whole foods are the best choice for daily living.  They digest slower and provide more energy for me.  I also drink NO soft drinks (regular or diet)…NONE!  Finally…I work out wisely and regularly.  I am not an expert but I have the rest of my life to “get there”!
Thanks Corey for proving those great links and resources! Again, your attitude towards life is infectious!
Your Trainer and Friend,
Cassie & Corey

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  • LOVE this, thank you for posting Corey’s story! Good luck to you Corey as you continue your journey, and you’re right, it never ends, it just keeps changing as you challenge yourself each year. And I agree about Cassie and her classes, how lucky we all are to be a part of such a positive, healthy and hard-working group of people!

  • I tell Cassie all the time how impressed I am with you. I have known you since our YMCA days and watching you change is just amazing. I hope one day to have a story like this. Keep up the hard work!

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