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Try it Thursday: Warm Up Cold Hands with This Full Body Workout!

I am not sure how many hours it snowed in the upper midwest, but I think we can all be glad to have a break! This morning I had three classes to teach; 8:30 cycle, 9:30 Tred and Shed, and 11:00 a.m. Hatha Yoga. It was quite the commute with the snow blowing, trains stopped, and flashing lights redirecting people. When I finally arrived at the club no one had shown up for cycle, and I don’t blame them! I definitely had some time to kill to see if others would lace up their boots for the rest of my morning sessions. Here is a great workout that I came up with that I’d love to share with you if you are a lone ranger like I was, but still in need of a great sweat session!DSC_2602-2417510115-O


Warm up: walk x 5 minutes.
Increase intensity by fast walking or sprinting x 30 seconds. Decrease speed x 30 seconds. Do this for 1 mile.
Increase intensity x 1 minute with your fast paced walking or sprinting. Decrease speed x 30 seconds. Do this for an additional mile.
Side step on treadmill at a pace you can feel safe and in control x 1 minute.
Switch sides x 1 minute.
Increase incline and jog x 1 minute. (I increased my grade to 9.0. This was very challenging, yet I could still jog. Whew!)
Take off your incline and walk or jog increasing speed every tenth of a mile until you have reached .50 or half a mile.

Get off of the treadmill and perform 30 push-ups and 30 tricep bench dips.
Back to the treadmill to complete another half mile with your side steps, incline, and walking/running.

Get off of the treadmill and perform 20 push-ups and 20 tricep bench dips.
Back to treadmill you go for one more round! Side steps, incline, walk/run your heart out!

Off the treadmill for your last round: 10 push-ups and 10 tricep bench dips!

Still feel like you need more or maybe you are snowed in…stay for an arm and leg pyramid!

Arm Pyramid:
20 bicep curls
30 tricep kickbacks
40 plank shoulder taps
50 jumping jacks
40 plank shoulder taps
30 tricep kickbacks

Leg Pyramid:
20 squats
30 lunges (I did curtsey today)
40 deadlifts
50 jumping jacks
40 deadlifts
30 lunges
20 squats
20 bicpep curls

Stay committed to a healthy 2014. Make it work wherever you are, and think of yourself as someone who is active, strong, committed, and excited. New Year, New You!

Your Trainer,

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