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Try It Thursday: Challenge 10, Spread the Word!

We are heading into the home stretch of our Habitudes for the Holidays Challenge! I have been grateful to participate in this challenge right alongside of you. I have been checking off my boxes and adding up my miles! Personally, this challenge has held me more accountable, kept me focused, and made me feel balanced during the busy holiday rush. Today it’s your turn to spread the word! If this challenge has been a positive experience for you, you need to tell someone today! Share Habitude Fitness on Facebook, or tweet about your favorite challenge thus far. If you are gathering with friends or family, be sure to use this as a conversation piece, and get to the heart of the matter! Not this year we said! We have created goals, been held accountable, and I am more active than in holidays past! Don’t tell me that isn’t an interesting conversation!

If you are in a good place, you will project that energy to those around you. If you are happy, healthy, and grateful, people see that and are drawn to it. If you have been doing something to better yourself, people want to know because they too want what you have. This is not bragging or being narcissistic. This is sharing something that you are excited about, and being excited to inspire others!

Once you share your experience with our holiday challenge, check this off on you Holiday Challenge Calendar 2013!

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