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Try it Thursday: Challenge 6, Make Breakfast a Priority!

Welcome to Challenge 6 of your Habitudes for the Holidays! We have been on a great journey this holiday season setting ourselves up to live lives filled with energy, accomplishment, focus, and healthy bodies!;)

So far you have made a commitment by printing off your Habitude Holiday Pledge and viewing it often for motivation, inspiration, and reminding. In writing, you created some personal goals to achieve this challenge. You were also active and mindful all throughout your Thanksgiving break, and you took some time to consider your inner motivation in relation to your goals. In addition to logging 100 miles by New Year’s Day, you were also encouraged to attempt eating fewer amounts of meat by engaging in a Meatless Monday throughout the rest of the year! That brings us to today’s challenge, and yes…it will be ongoing.

Starting today everyone eats breakfast, every day!

If you don’t eat breakfast your body says, If you’re not going to feed me, I won’t be hungry, and you won’t miss eating breakfast. However, you will eventually get hungry and chances are you will over consume later in the day. Eating breakfast can help you lose weight, and improve health and performance.

Have you ever said to yourself, Well…I didn’t have anything yet this morning so I have room in my calorie budget to have this leftover bagel from those meetings over in the conference room. But then, that bagel wears off and it wears off quickly. If it’s someone’s birthday you may feel the need (rather than the want) to indulge in some office cookies or cake.
You can feel good about your salad or turkey sandwich for lunch, but once you get home from work you’re hungry again and dinner is an hour away! Time for a small snack. Dinner was delicious and you had 2 servings before anyone saw it coming. 9:00 p.m. hits and you might say, Oh well, I have blown it today. I will have one small spoonful of this ice-cream right out of the container. But one bite tastes so good and you feel so crappy; four bites it is. At the end of the day, you are feeling bloated, guilty, and sluggish. Even if the foods used as examples here are not an issue for you, I can bet that we can all related to overeating in a day because we have not started the day off with breakfast or been prepared to make wise choices. Oh well…tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow comes and you wake up not feeling hungry because of the overconsumption you engaged in yesterday. You are confronted with the temptation to skip breakfast again and hold off eating as long as possible. However, please be mindful that you do not have to eat a large breakfast in order to set the day right and get your metabolism in motion. You simply need to get off to a good start. Think whole grain cereal, or fresh and frozen unsweetened fruit. Low-fat milk and yogurt, nuts, nut butters, and eggs can help you feel satisfied and ready to use your mind and body. Keep convenient foods within reach on those mornings when you have to leave early or get behind and rushed. Apples, oranges, bananas, mini whole wheat bagels, hard boiled eggs, and single serving plain Greek yogurts are great to have on hand. If I know I have an early start I like to concoct overnight oats the night before. Often if I am whipping up some of my healthy pancakes on a Sunday I will double the recipe and freeze them for a quick and easy defrost. If you don’t like traditional breakfast foods, don’t be hesitant to make a turkey sandwich on some whole wheat or gluten-free bread. Also think about trying a breakfast burrito made with a whole grain tortilla, scrambled eggs, and salsa. Another idea is to make a batch of mini quiche in muffin tins. Then you can grab, go, and eat effortlessly for days on the way out the door!

Studies continue to show that people who regularly eat breakfast are thinner than those who do not. There are a couple of thoughts around this. One is exactly what we suggested above. Not eating breakfast can make you hungrier later in the day. Despite best efforts, people tend to over-consume. The next thought is that breakfast eaters have a healthier thought pattern. They tend to make healthier food choices and balance proper nutrition with exercise and activity. –Webmd.com
Either way, starting your day off with fuel is a must in order for you to be at your best in body, mind, and spirit!

Starting today you will check off your Eat Breakfast Challenge on your Holiday Challenge Calendar 2013! Even if you are a breakfast eater, I encourage you to be extra mindful in your choices around this most important meal!



Your Trainer,





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