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Check in Tuesday: Pay it Forward!

I believe time is one of our most valuable possessions. Giving any of it away is usually a sacrifice in our busy modern culture. I also know that this time of year there are so many worthy causes to give your time, talents, and resources to. End of the year giving is huge for many non profits. Perhaps organizations take advantage of us because they know we are feeling warm and fuzzy due to the festive holiday lights and nativity replicas everywhere. Giving seems like a different idea with all of that Black Friday craziness I saw on the news this year. People literally fighting over merchandise. Harming each other for a deal that has proven to be moderate at best! Really?

With all of that said, please continue to read about an amazing opportunity I have for you to make a difference this holiday, hopefully launching your giving spirit into the rest of the year!

Last year several of you participated in our first annual Make a Difference with Your Fitness service project. It was not only a fun evening at Feed My Starving Children, but I think we can agree as with any type of serving, we were the ones who felt truly blessed.


This year I am excited to announce an outstanding project that I am passionate about. In Libertyville Illinois, we have a wonderful local women’s shelter that Habitude Fitness is going to reach out to this holiday season. The Haven is a safe place for homeless women and children who have no where else to go. The resources that this group is equipping the families with to succeed is impressive. The goal is that these women will never be homeless again. But in order to get to that next chapter, they need volunteers in the way of time and resources.

Habitude Fitness is launching a Holiday Give Drive for this shelter starting today! Please bring any items found on the list to any of the classes or trainings you attend with me. If you would rather donate a check, prepare a meal, or go grocery shopping, they will graciously accept that as well. I would love to gather a group of people to take all the items collected to the shelter to meet the families and get a tour of the facility. If you would like to attend the drop off, please feel free to contact me and I will get you all of the details!

Year Round Needs
Alarm clocks
Bus passes
Cold weather gear (mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, variety of sizes)
Dishwasher detergent
Dish soap
Household cleaning supplies
Frozen meat
Frozen pies
Frozen pie crust
Frozen vegetables of all sorts
Ham, frozen
Ice-melt (salt for driveway snow)
Laundry detergent
Mops, brooms, buckets
Plastic garbage bags, all sizes
Paper towels
Thanksgiving food, boxed (stuffing mix, dried onions)
Thanksgiving food, canned (yams, cranberry sauce, green beans, cream of mushroom soup, corn)
Toilet paper
Turkeys, frozen
Postage stamps
Train passes (Metra)

Resident Holiday Wish List
2014 day-planner
Bath sets (bubble bath, soaps, loofah sponge, etc)
Recovery/self-help books
Women’s set of pajamas (variety of sizes)
Women’s slippers (variety of sizes)
Women’s bathrobe (variety of sizes)
Women’s underwear (variety of sizes)
Table games
Gift cards to Wal-Mart or Target

-My marriage is one of my highest values. We treat each other with love and respect, support and encouragement. We work exceedingly hard at this. I have never been mistreated by my husband, but I know a woman who has. It was horrific; but a privilege to journey with her and her children.
-I value hard work and education. Keeping up with the culture we live in to sustain a home and balanced life will not only create peace, but comfort and joy as well.
-I value family. Even my imperfect one. We are all working to give our children and loved ones love, safety, community, and opportunity. No family is perfect, and I cherish what picking up any pieces along the way can lead to with the right heart.
-We all have had, or will have struggles. We know people with addiction and financial strife if we haven’t been there ourselves. I value people coming together, looking outside of themselves, and lending a hand. There is no help too small.

If you share any of my values, or can resonate with a few of my thoughts, then I encourage you to volunteer and bring any of the items listed to class, donate funds, and/or come to the drop off. This giving opportunity is a chance for you to feel blessed by all you have in health, work, support, and opportunity. Make a Difference with Your Fitness! I deeply appreciate you and all you do! Thank-you!

“Volunteers should be reminded, again and again, that they’re valued; that what they’re doing is part of the redemptive drama that’s been going throughout human history; that the role they are playing is not insignificant; that God treasures every task they perform, every hour of service they render.”
Bill Hybels, The Volunteer Revolution

Merry Christmas,


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  • YES! I am IN! I would love to come with you to drop stuff off, and I will have a trunk-load to contribute as well! Please let me know when!

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