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Try it Thursday: Challenge 4: Be Accountable!

If you want to achieve some new goals in your life, it is crucial to get someone else involved. This is a powerful motivator. I have often been weighed down with thoughts, ideas, dreams, and worry. These things can have power over my life and I often seek to control them and deal with them on my own. However, when  I reflect on the times when I have opened up about what is going on in that crazy head of mine, friends have helped me to readjust my thoughts and also help to point me in a more positive direction, and then suddenly the heaviness of figuring it all out on my own is gone.

Find a partner in crime!

Find a partner in crime!

One of this community’s habitudes is that none of us are meant to do life alone! Today, I encourage you to go back and review some of the goals you wrote down last week. Next, I want you to consider sharing some or all of those goals with someone you trust. Choose someone who speaks truth to you in honor of your best interest, and someone that has your back when the going gets tough. Feel free to email me personally for support or you could even consider posting some of your goals here if you’re comfortable.

study conducted by Gail Matthews, Ph.D., at the Dominican University, found that individuals with written goals achieved approximately 50% more of their goals than those without written goals. In addition, the study also showed that individuals who made a public “commitment” to their goals and were held accountable to those goals were substantially more likely to accomplish them. -fastcompany.com

And if you are a person that someone has chosen to trust in, please be committed to holding your friend accountable.
Hey, how is the job search going, you said you were spending the weekend updating your resume?
Honey, you asked me to help you with your healthy eating. Let’s not order pizza tonight. What would be satisfying and helpful to you?
Were you able to call your friend this week for that chat? How did that go?

How can I help you so that you can get your workouts in this week?

If some of your goals weigh in on the physical aspect of wellness, then I encourage you to weigh in…literally! Be accountable to yourself. Do this regularly and record your progress. Record your initial weight and figure out your BMI. Taking measurements or trying on that favorite pair of pants is another tool to use to track your progress. Remember, if you notice weight fluctuations do not panic-this is normal. Look for trends over several days and consider what is going on in your life that could affect these changes, big or small. Readjust from there or don’t sweat it knowing it will change for the better in a day or so! If you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle, tracking your progress in this is key.

Once you have shared some of your goals with a trusted partner or friend, check this challenge off on your Holiday Challenge Calendar 2013!

You are committed, you have identified your goals, you are motivated from within, and you are being held accountable…there is nothing stopping you!
Your Trainer,

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    • Well Done Sarah! Thanks for the check in! I have shared a couple of goals myself. It was a great conversation and I am feeling even more prepared to move forward!

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