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Challenge 3: Find Your Inner Motivation!

How was your holiday weekend? I am in high hopes that you were able to enjoy the people, places, and things you care for most. I had a lovely time, but am looking forward to the next 4 weeks of the Healthy Habitudes for the Holiday Challenge! Last week, I asked you to:
1.) Print off your Habitude Holiday Pledge and hang it somewhere so that you can view it often.
2.) Print off your Holiday Challenge Calendar 2013 and start tracking your 100 miles by New Year’s Day! (This challenge is ongoing!)
3.) Get some of your personal goals in writing and review them often.
4.) Move every day over the long holiday weekend; Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

That brings us to week two, and Challenge 3: Finding our inner motivation.

If one of your goals over the next five weeks was to lose weight, I can bet that you know what it takes to do that. If you would like to eat healthier or move more, I can also be fairly sure that you know the necessary steps in order to achieve those goals. However, if we don’t change our thoughts, actions, habits, behaviors, and attitudes around all the things we hope to accomplish, we may never experience reaching our potential in that area. What was the personal drive that made you write down the particular goals that you did last week? Why is it important to you to succeed in these areas?

I encourage you to start with this; Why do I want to ________?
Why do I want to lose weight?
Why do I want to run a marathon?
Why do I want to spend more time with my spouse?
Why do I want to get a new job?
Why do I want to seek forgiveness?
Why do I want to read more?

The answers are personal and they are yours. Better health, beach body, class reunion, keeping up with the grandkids, better sleep, higher education, more energy, more balance…There are no wrong answers here. It’s about what matters to you.

Next, find ways to keep your inner motivation at the forefront of your mind. Post it notes around the house to stop late night snacking or stretch more. Schedule your time at the gym in your Google calendar just like you would a work meeting. Create a vision board, print off your Habitude Holiday Calendar, or write reminders on your hand! Be creative and come up with things that will work for you! The more ideas that come from you, the more likely you will be in succeeding.

Once you have spent some time naming your inner motivations, be sure to check this challenge off of your calendar!

Doing this type of work will lead to great results! I am sure of it!
Your Trainer,


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