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Habitudes for the Holidays Challenge! Day 1!

Welcome to the beginning of your Habitude Fitness Holiday Challenge! This holiday season many of you have already begun to shift your habitudes toward the days becoming darker earlier, the temptations of holiday food and drink, and the weather as gray and cold (for many of us at least!). Many of you said, not this year! This year I am going to look at the winter months as an opportunity to be in control, set goals, and press on. Congrats! No coasting through for you! You began developing this habitude by engaging in our Try it Thursday: Your Winter Habitude. From there I asked you to print and sign the Winter Habitude Pledge and hang it where you can read it often throughout the upcoming months.  I did the same!IMG_20131110_144422783_HDR
Today I issue out more of your challenge, and yes; it is a contest! From today to New Year’s day,  I encourage you to complete 100 miles! That equals about 2.7 miles per day. More or less depending on how far you go on any given day. If you are cycling you can divide your total number completed by three and include that number on your tally! For example, if I rode 12 miles today, I could count that as 4 miles toward my 100.  If this seems daunting, hold on- I just walked the dog around my neighborhood this morning and our little loop is 1.5 miles. If I do that again in the evening, I am good! This is a challenge for a reason! It must challenge you to push a little harder and step outside of your comfort zone.

100 by 1/1/14 is an ongoing challenge that you will continue to work on throughout the holiday season. It will be a great way to push through any plateaus. To get to the next level physically (whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle), you need to create a 500 calorie deficit in your day. So you can choose to eat less by consuming clean, real foods, or you can move more!

Today, however, your first challenge is to write down your personal goals. That’s right, you must write! Download an app, or go old school with some notebook paper. It doesn’t matter how or where you record your goals, you just must take the action of writing them down. Writing your goals down will help you clarify what you want. And it doesn’t matter what you want…these goals are important and unique to you. Having your goals in writing and reviewing them often will motivate you to take action. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Having your goals written down will also spur you on to create new opportunities. Reviewing them often will help you face the resistance that will inevitably face you. If your goals are merely in your head, they may be difficult to articulate in the face of resistance. And lastly, when your goals are written down you can see and celebrate the progress and work you have put forth! Remember your goals can range from having a killer beach bod, to lowering your cholesterol; setting a good example for the kids, or running your first road race. Applying for new jobs, worrying less, making amends, or taking a vacation-there is no silly or wrong thing to write down. My only request is that you do it, and you view it often. Once your goals for the next 5 weeks have been created, check that box off in your Habitudes for the Holidays Calendar. You will need to show your calendar log in order to be eligible for prizes!

Remember to sign up for Habitude Fitness via email, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with the weekly posts and challenges coming your way! Take pictures, #holidayhabitude, Facebook message me, tweet your progress, or tell me about it if you live close and I see you often! Engaging in your community will only help you succeed, I promise! Also, I am right along with you and excited to sit down with my thoughts, crazy dreams, pen, and paper tonight. Here we go!

Your Trainer,

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