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Try it Thursday: October Challenge: Plank Perfection!


I don’t know if you heard me counting? I did over 1,000…you know your ubulus muscle that connects to the upper dorsymus?… It’s boring, but it’s part of my life. -Ron Burgundy

Do you ever feel like Mr. Burgandy? So little time to work out that sometimes you just have to squeeze it in where you can? Whether or not that is the case, this month’s challenge is going to shake things up for you! It can be done at home, in the gym, or in the office. If you train with me or come to any of my classes, I promise you will experience this (approximately 5 minutes) plank challenge!

I also guarantee that when November meets us and this challenge is complete you will look much better than Mr. Ron Burgundy does when he takes his shirt off! (Though I always admire confidence and someone who owns it!)

Each plank will be held for a total of 15 seconds moving from one plank right into the next. If you can not perform the exercise for the total time, no worries! You have the whole month to work on it and you will get stronger! That is the goal. Some of these holds are quite challenging. Do not be afraid to regress down to your knees and hold proper form and alignment. That is actually going to aid you in gaining better strength and stability, rather than holding improper form and potentially injuring yourself. I tell my clients and participants it is often much wiser to take one step back in order to take five steps forward. The pictures below will represent how this challenge can be done anywhere!

1.  Plank hold on forearmsIMG_20131001_184538_482

2. Lift one arm, while you stay on your forearmIMG_20131001_184603_146
3. Same thing, lift the other arm
(Kit shows a wonderfully executed regression here.)IMG_20131001_184901_576
4. Forearm plank lift one leg IMG_20131001_184647_131
5. Same thing, lift the other legIMG_20131001_184637_577
6. Forearm plank, lift your opposite arm and legIMG_20131002_171414_311
7. Same thing switch to lifting opposite arm and leg, other side
(I believe Wyatt is showing a reverse plank in the background.)IMG_20131002_171448_737
8. Forearm side plankIMG_20131001_184754_924
9. Forearm side plank other side
10. Forearm side plank with top leg liftIMG_20131002_171542_837
11. Forearm side plank with top leg lift other side
12. Straight arm plankIMG_20131001_184829_398
13. Lift one arm from straight-arm plank IMG_20131001_184839_060
14. Same thing, lift other armIMG_20131002_194218_348
15. Straight arm plank lift one legIMG_20131001_184928_450
16. Lift the other legIMG_20131001_184920_505
17. Lift the opposite arm and leg from the straight-arm plankIMG_20131002_171642_444
18. Switch to lifting opposite arm and leg other side

I think Bella pretty much was trying to show us this one! Leg and arm...UP!

I think Bella pretty much was trying to show us this one! Leg and arm…UP!

19. Side plank from straight-armIMG_20131001_185003_089
20. Side plank from straight-arm switch sides
21. Side plank from straight-arm lift top legIMG_1882
22. Side plank from straight-arm lift top leg switch sides
23. Forearm plank IMG_1878

What does the plank exercise benefit?
Does the plank burn fat?
Do plank exercises really develop abs?

This is only week one of the challenge. Let's be present during our work. Let's really focus on form and be precise so that by the end we can execute each move with precision, intention, and both inner and out strength and confidence! michaeljauchphoto.com

This is the result of the daily discipline of training-plank perfection! Remember, this is only week one of the challenge. Let’s be present during our work, really focusing on form and being precise so that by the end we can execute each move with precision, intention, and both inner and outer strength and confidence!

Right-click here and save as for a printable version of the workout.
I would love to see some check-ins with you planking this month! I know you have 5 minutes to train!

Your Trainer,

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    • Great question! I have one married couple that is committed to doing it daily…wow! But I would say aim for three times per week or every other day. Is that doable? Heck ya;)

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