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Check In: Labor Day Thoughts!

Labor Day; a United Sates federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September, that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.-wikipedia.com

That’s you friends! I hope that you are able to take a day to rest, relax, breath and enjoy. But before we hop in the car, start a project, or say yes to the parties, I challenge each of us to take a moment to pause and think about how some extra time off will serve us best. imagesCAD6V5D4

For some of us, we are energized by being around others and large group settings. Those things really reignite a burnt out feeling for a particular type of person. For others, just time by themselves, in the peace and quiet can prove to be refreshing and invigorating. Perhaps you have been going non-stop for weeks so sleep and rest is calling your name. Maybe you are craving a long intense personalized workout that takes your goals to a whole other level. Yes, we each have our wants, desires, and needs when it comes to a day off. I urge you to check in and not feel selfish on this Labor Day. Take care of yourself for a bit. If there is every a day for it, this is the day! Enjoy and be healthy!
Your Trainer,

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