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Try It Thursday: New Kicks!

The other day I was out looking for a new pair of cross trainers and I received what I thought was a great piece of advice: Your athletic shoes should feel like your favorite pair of jeans. When you put on the right pair, they should feel so comfortable, you just know! That is how I feel about Saucony. I have been wearing them for years now. Sure I have been back and forth trying Nike and Asics, but I always return back to my faithful brand. When I slip them on, I say Ahhh…


After a month of searching and researching for a new pair of running shoes…they are here!! Saucony is my brand all the way! It’s like sliding on my favorite pair of jeans…ahhhh! Got some trail runners that are still flexible and light weight. Not a running day, but I think I should go give them a test drive! Do you have a “go-to” shoe? Do you use a different shoe for a different activity? Lmk! I need a new pair for indoor plyo/HIIT training…(something good for lateral movements). What should I look for? #saucony #runningshoes #goodhabits #summersizzle #runner #fitness #amazonrocks #lovewhatyoudo #habitudefitness

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Training for different activities calls for lacing up different shoes.
Looking to hit the trails? Here is a list of the top ten hiking boots for 2013.
If you are a runner, here is the Runner’s World Fall shoe guide for 2013 with great descriptions.
Perhaps you would like to log some walking miles rather than train for the Chicago Marathon! Consumer Reports’ has the top brands for walking shoes:
New Balance MW 791 ($75)
Saucony Grid Omni Walker ($90)
Asics Gel-Walk Tech ($60, a Consumer Reports Best Buy)
New Balance MW 557 ($60, Best Buy)
Etonic Lite Walker ($60)

New Balance 791 ($75)
Saucony Grid Omni Walker ($90)
New Balance 557 ($60, Best Buy)
Nike Air Max Healthwalker V ($70)
Adidas Supernova Walk LE ($90)

There is some controversy surrounding the odd-looking toe shoe, but I believe such things are always worth discussing!
imagesCAVNTLF8Looking to run or train with freedom? Maybe you will try a pair of Vibrams, and then let me know about it! Check out a trailer on why Christopher McDougall wrote the book Born to Run that was the catalyst to this natural state of running we are seeing in more mainstream training.

After that, I recommend reading this NPR article that interviews a hesitant podiatrist to balance the scale before you make you decision to order your pair of funny looking toe shoes:)!

There are now even shoes for yoga to help you grip your sticky mat for ultimate downward facing dog action!

Whether you are gearing up for a fall sports league, a half marathon, or simply walking with some neighbors a couple of times a week, it so important to take care of your feet. Flat feet, pronation, high arches, and inward ankles; if any of these and other issues are not tended to with proper support, you could be dealing with runner’s knee, blisters, shin splints, hip pain, back aches, and other injuries.

When you go shopping:
-Have support. Go somewhere that you feel like the sales people know what they are doing and can help you find the right shoe for your specific activity.
-Take a friend with you who is experienced in picking out a similar shoe. His or her opinion may be beneficial. But remember, you have to be happy with the final fit and feel!
-Check out this Runner’s World Shoe Advisor.
-Change your shoes out about every 400-500 miles if you are a runner/walker. Note how your shock absorption feels in your cross trainers. And remember, there are always exceptions to this. Go with how your shoes feel to you!

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  • Every brand has perks, benefits, tradeoffs and downsides but some definitely do feel better on some feet than others. Every athlete has a different stride, foot and preference so it’s best to try on several options to pick the best one! Each brand also has shoes that are specific for athletes that pronate (the foot rolls inward) and for athletes that superpronate (roll outward) and neutral walkers. When you figure out what your foot does, it is much easier to find a shoe! I <3 Shoes!

  • It’s also very important to know if you pronate, superpronate, or are neutral….roll in or out or don’t do either. Saucony are the best for those who roll in although they also have stabilizers for those who roll out.

  • I’m also a Saucony girl. I have tried other shoes to test them out, but for running Saucony is really the one for me. I’ll apply switching things up to my workouts but keep tradition when it comes to my running shoes! Happy feet = Happy runner!

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