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Monday’s Motivation: Meagan!

It is an honor to introduce today’s guest writer as a young up and comer. She is a beautiful young woman who I have had the honor and privilege to know. Recently she shared with me her summer story of impact, mission, and relationships. As she unpacked the details of her trip, I couldn’t help but think that we could make this into a great blog post tying back to our values. Please enjoy Meagan’s experience.

A healthy mental habitude is not fully complete, nor totally healthy, without well-rounded healthfulness and mental growth. As a college student, I believe that I have been rather fit and in shape, thanks to Cassie. However, my mind and emotions were somewhere else. A year ago I was emotionally unstable and entirely self-conscious. I struggled academically and my friendships were lacking in luster because I was focusing on all of the wrong things. I was uninspired. My plans and goals were not falling into place like I had hoped and I was ill-equipped to handle the challenge. I came home for Christmas Break and my family could see that I was not myself. My mom even offered to take me school supply shopping, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and I refused. I was in denial of my struggle and was certainly not going to ask for help from those around me, which was my biggest mistake. As I returned back to school for the Spring semester, I was in a new living situation, I was associating myself with those that made me happy and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. This spring, I believe, was a launching pad for the summer that was to follow. I remember saying to a friend, “I am determined to have an amazing summer. My motto is to enjoy myself and do things that are out of my comfort zone because I can.” And that is exactly what I did.1045106_10151688278332417_891296220_n

During the past 3 months, I have seen a complete transformation in myself and I owe most of the transformation to the week I spent in New Orleans on the Kappa Alpha Theta Service Trip. My sorority and the women in it have given me many gifts during my time as a member, but the week in New Orleans was the most amazing gift it could have ever given me. I was confronted with meeting new people, a new city, building houses, and a new culture all in one week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The new people became some of my closest friends. Building houses showed me that I am capable and I am strong. I refurbished an old TV table that I bought from Goodwill for $5.00 into a cute new piece of furniture because of the confidence I developed from working with Habitat for Humanity. New Orleans became a city that I will forever remember as the city that changed my life one summer. I discovered a new strength amongst myself and I found myself doing and saying things that I had never dreamt of completing before. I ran the Big 10 10k at my pace time all by myself. In the past where I would have questioned my abilities, I am now speeding past them.1010426_10151688280157417_460794190_n

On the Service Trip, we were guided in thoughtful discussions of servant leadership and privilege and culture that have now become a way of thinking for me and I am forever grateful. Servant Leadership has a very unfortunate name. No one is forced to serve others unwillingly in this type of leadership, but that is the immediate assumption because of the coined name. A servant leader is a leader who puts oneself aside and looks to serve and cater to the needs of ones followers. A servant leader empowers its followers and provides an environment for them to best succeed. I now notice different leadership styles amongst the people around me and I am motivated to create change. I find myself noticing issues and challenges that I can help improve and I am excited to be apart of such change. In the past, I have called myself a natural leader and an outgoing soul. However, I have not seen those qualities put in such action until I returned from New Orleans. I have discovered a new attitude, or habitude if you will, in myself to create change for positive growth in myself and in those around me.


The future of leadership! Thanks for sharing your transformational story Meagan! We love you!

The future of leadership! Thanks for sharing your transformational story Meagan!


Your Friends,
Cassie and Meagan


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  • Woo Meagan!! I’ll miss you gal! Great post — thanks for sharing your journey with us. Enjoy the upcoming semester.

  • I am very proud of you Meagan for discovering all of this at such a young age and for taking action to improve your situation. I am also very thankful that your journey took you to my favorite city. I appreciate the great things you did for New Orleans. Love your photo by Jackson Square.

  • I love this story Meagan! I’m so glad you had this experience, and have found the inner peace and strength you were looking for. You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out!!


  • Wow – way to go, Megan! Great story and amazing journey that you are on. Thanks for sharing and motivating. Best wishes to you on future endeavors and congrats on the habitude adjustment! Jazz hands to you!

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