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Try it Thursday: Don’t Listen to Whispers…Choose Strength!

No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2422942010-OWhat are you thinking about today? What are stuck on today? Is there something holding you back? Is there something you are looking forward to?
When I wear this “fitness hat” I often hear a voice in my head whisper, you are out of your league, you will never make it, you are not creative, people don’t care what you have to say…but my deep desire is to be brave, to listen to truth, and to be real and steadfast.

I believe in strength and perseverance; not perfection. I believe I have been brought to such a time as this, even into personal trial to develop learning and discovery; character and growth.

I choose not to pretend that it’s easy all of the time, but I do choose to be positive despite some of my life’s circumstances. As a good friend said to me this past weekend, Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! -Auntie Mame

Let’s quiet down the lies and step into the light of the truth.
Your Trainer,

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