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Fearless or Fearful?

Fearless. Me? No way. Do I want to be? You bet.
I was faced with real physical obstacles this past weekend. Some of them were easier than others. But was I fearless? I wish I could say yes, but I wasn’t. There were moments of hesitation, moments of self-doubt, moments I braced myself for the worst.

The finish line, however, was amazing. It was pure and it was rich! Looking back I wish I could give myself some advice about the race, and about the journey. I would have some words of wisdom and encouragement. Do you ever feel like this in regards to your own life? Wishing you could give yourself some advice from the voice of experience?
Recently a good friend sent an article my way that was worth thinking on and worth sharing. In the article, eight successful entrepreneurs share a piece of advice if they could speak to their 21-year-old self. Some of that profound advice included avoiding having to say what if, living modestly while young, having influential mentors in your life, valuing simplicity, experiencing happiness and hard work, listening, and surrounding yourself with good leaders. The details surrounding their advice doesn’t come from a boardroom of people writing a list of answers that sound right. It is wisdom generated from mistakes made, time lived, and experience had.
We are able to give advice to others, and even ourselves when we have had some life experience behind us. Bumps, bruises, and battles scars; we all have learned a lot I am sure!
Be sure to check out the article here!

Do you have any advice, big or small you would go back and give to yourself?
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  • Cassie,
    Hesitation is good. It keeps you alive. Until you overcome the obstacle, hesitation is trying to keep you safe. Once you overcome the obstacle, you know you can do it. This frees you from your doubt the next time.
    It is always good to try new things and things you know you are not comfortable with. As we do this we grow further. That being said there are some things I still won’t do because the value of being able to do it is very limited. Bunging jumping comes to mind for me.


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