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Try It Thursday: Taper Your Training!

If you have been following along, you may have noticed that there are several crazy people who have signed up for the Rugged Maniac obstacle course race this Saturday! If you aren’t signed up, I know you are with us in spirit! (And if you are a local and would like to caravan with us to the event you are more than welcome to come to the par-tay!) With that in mind, I encourage each of us to train these next few days like we are all prepping for an upcoming event. Not just physically; but mentally, emotionally, and socially as well.

We are ready! Cheer us on Habitude Fitness Family!

We are ready! Cheer us on Habitude Fitness Family!

Here is your homework!

In the next few days, get up and move in the morning! Our race is in the morning and we will be climbing cargo nets and jumping over fire pits during the morning hours. Simulate race day conditions the best you can. (I am not talking about taking an ice bath to mimic the ice water you may be jumping into, but if you do, please let me know!) However, do get up and move in the morning so you will be used to it by the time race day approaches! Rise and run. Eat a healthy breakfast that is balanced in fiber and protein and is sure to provide energy and stamina! A few small tips for racers: Get to bed early and make rest a top priority. Avoid trying new foods, and lay everything out the night before the big event.

As far as your workouts go, you should be doing what is best for you the few days before an event. Listen to your body. (That includes all of you who are cheering us on in spirit!) Tonight at boot camp we are going to be working on running drills and stretching to prep for Saturday. If you would like a killer running or walking workout, give this a try today!

Modified Borg Rating Scale for Perceived Dyspnea
0 Nothing at all
0.5 Very, very slight shortness of breath
1 Very mild shortness of breath
2 Mild shortness of breath
3 Moderate shortness of breath or breathing difficulty
4 Somewhat severe
5 Strong or hard breathing
7 Severe shortness of breath or very hard breathing
9 Extremely severe
10 Shortness of breath so severe you need to stop

Working off of the Borg Scale, your recovery phase should be at a level 2-3, while your high intensity phase should be at a level 5-6.
Run or walk at 5-6 x 1 minute
Recovery at 2-3 x 30 seconds
Repeat 4 times
Run or walk at 5-6 x 40 seconds
Recovery at 2-3 x 30 seconds
Repeat x 4
Run or walk at 5-6 x 30 seconds
Recovery at 2-3 x 15 seconds
Repeat x 4
Run or walk at 5-6 x 15 seconds
Recovery at 2-3 x 15 seconds
Repeat x 4
Cool Down

After your interval training, you should follow-up with a well-chosen stretching routine. Try,  A Stretch For Everyone!

Friday should be very restful. Pay special attention to relaxing. Check out the Foam Roller Post: Roll it Out!

If you are getting after it, you may want some workout music to keep you in step. Here are a few tunes that suit the Rugged Maniac training well!

Why do we do these mud run kinds of things? For me, this particular race is about having fun, building teamwork and community, and spending time with some really great friends! At other times, we are trying to test our limits, push ourselves, and grow in new ways. I would love to hear why you enjoy testing yourselves physically, and in what ways it brings out other components of your wellness.

I love the line at the end of this motivational sports clip:

…but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

Try it Thursday: Have a race day with us! Stay connected via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Try your running or walking workout tonight followed by your stretching, foam rolling, and a good night sleep on Friday. And check in on Saturday!

Your Trainer,

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