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Try it Thursday: Give Yourself Permission

The other day I was working out with a good friend and a great conversation sparked. We began to chat about articles, books, TV shows and movies. As the hot sun beat down on us and we finished a round of squat jumps we went on to discuss books we loved, and then we started to get real!No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2427276624-O

My friend that often travels for work confessed that at times he just desired to sit on the plane, zone out, and read a People magazine. However, depending on who is sitting near him, he feels the need to look smart. Therefore, he will pull out that novel or thick biography!

Guilty! I too have pulled a similar trick. I often run my life by a certain set of unspoken rules I have for myself in my head. I read what I think I should read, and watch what I think I should watch. My routine is sometimes a result of what looks good on the outside. But do those things actually bring me rest? Does it bring me peace? Does it bring me growth, laughter, or joy at the times when I need it? What are the real motivators for making the choices I make?

Today I challenge us to try this: Give yourself permission.

Give yourself permission to walk and not run for once.
Sleep in if you could use the extra rest this weekend.
Next time you are looking for a good read skip the self-improvement section or Time’s Best Seller’s and escape to something whimsical or light-hearted.
Eat dessert!
Try something you have been talking yourself out of.
etc, etc, etc…

Be confident in the choices you are making. Go easy on yourself. If the person next to you looks over and is making a judgment, they are probably just jealous of the lovely time you are having!;)

Try it Thursday! How will you give yourself permission?

Your Trainer,

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