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“…just like rain and sunshine make a rainbow.” These are the profound words I overheard my mother encourage my sister with this past week. My little sister had been through a rough couple of days to say the least. After 40 hours of labor with her first baby, it ended in an emergency C-section. It broke my heart to watch her arrive home from the hospital with such pain and limitation. All she wanted to do was tend to her new daughter, but the post operative pain was holding her back from doing all that she desired. Not having children of my own yet, I understand from others that the days following delivery can be an overwhelming emotional roller-coaster. I saw my little sister weep with tears of joy over the new life that had been created. She told me while cradling her new daughter and through her tears, “I already know her.”blake 2

Sometimes life brings circumstances into our world that are difficult to say the least. I know that we all face trials big and small on a daily basis. But through the bad, through the hard, through the ugly, and through the storm, we can search and find the good. We find the beautiful, we find the peace, and we find still waters. Would the good things in life be so good without having been through trials? Would we appreciate the rainbow if we didn’t endure the rain?

Deadlines at work, illness striking.
Financial strife, addiction.
Loneliness, exhaustion.
Busyness, abandonment.
Overwhelmed, underwhelmed.
Amidst our current situations, I challenge each of us to pause and look. Look back, look up, look to others, and look ahead. I know the sunshine is interwoven through the difficulties. Soon each of us will see our rainbow.blake

blake 3


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  • The birth of a child is a gift from God that keeps giving! Remember the words your wrote today, they will continue to bring you great happiness.

  • Amazing pictures of one of God’s most blessed miracles. Thanks for posting Cassie and for your wise words of encouragement. Prayers for your sister, her lovely daughter and all new parents.

  • Cassie, so wisely said. Congrats on being an aunt and well wishes to all of you! Evelyn

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