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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s difficult to think unpleasant thoughts while eating a home-grown tomatoe. -Lewis Grizzard

This year, I am attempting to share a big garden with my good friend at the community library. we rented a plot for our first ever joint garden project!

I live in a townhome and only have the space for a few containers on the deck. My deck garden has been a lot of fun for me in summers past, but this year the opportunity to rent a garden plot, work hard in the sun, and see sprouts pop up has been peaceful work for me.

My deck garden! Tomatoes, spinach, and and fresh herbs.

My deck garden! Tomatoes, spinach, and fresh herbs.

 I most definitely do not know much about planting food, but I am very skilled at digging holes, placing seeds or plants inside of the hole, watering it, and crossing my fingers, lol! I am definitely learning along the way. Would you believe that through our efforts and my friend’s experience, we are actually beginning to see the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor!

There are so many benefits that can come out of a home garden:
We are eating natural, real, whole food products, and avoiding the processed, fake foods that line the aisle of the grocery store!
We are exercising and being active because of the maintenance that caring for your garden requires. We are also reaping the emotional benefits of being out in nature, getting fresh air, and mindfully being in the sunlight.
If you are interested in how to care for the small containers of tomatoes on your patio or are looking to grow in your knowledge of your garden, check out these great resources!

Organic Gardening
DIY Network
Eating Well-container gardening

Fairly soon, all of us are going to begin to harvest. When that day comes you can simply enjoy your product as is, or check out some recipes specifically designed to use the items you are growing in your garden! Here are some great tomato recipes I am looking forward to trying and sharing with you!

Salads work great for creating meals or sides with the goods from your garden!

Salads work great for creating meals or sides with the goods from your garden!

But again, why? Why is it important to think of eating this way? Personally, I don’t believe in diets. I have been down that path before and failed in many ways. However, I DO believe that eating whole foods thoughtfully and responsibly is not only good for your overall health, healing, and vitality; but your waistline will shrink as an added bonus! Food Matters is an educational documentary that will cause you to pause and reflect on what and how we eat. Check out the trailer!

If you do not have the space and time for a garden right now, there is always a way to shop smart in the grocery store and support your local farmer’s markets.

Some interesting books on my bookshelf right now that you may enjoy while you tend to your garden

Some interesting books on my bookshelf right now that you may enjoy while you tend to your garden.

I see it now…you just spent so much time giving your plants the TLC they need to thrive. Your hands are dirty, and your back is sweaty. You come in feeling productive and peaceful. You rinse yourself off, pour yourself a glass of wine or an ice-cold brew. You have a seat in your favorite resting place. Now read a chapter of your new book while you sip, rest, and bask in this hobby! Well done!

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
In Defense of Food
Foods that Fight Pain

Do you garden? What are some of your tips for maximizing this hobby?

Your Trainer,

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  • I have found through many years of gardening that my vegetables do not always turn out the way I desire. There may be bad weather conditions, bugs, my little furry rabbit friends find a way in to feast or we get an early frost (please not this year!). I plant some beautiful flowers at one of the garden and they always make me happy.

  • “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” inspired me to plant a garden in our new house! I planted tomatoes and peppers as plants and also seeded some spinach, carrots and zucchini. Hoping it wasn’t too late to start the garden when we got out here. If it goes well this summer, I’ll expand next year. Can’t wait to hear how yours turns out!

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