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Thanks Guys! Happy Father’s Day!

“Don’t climb on that, don’t break anything, don’t be so aggressive, don’t be so noisy, don’t be so messy, don’t make such crazy risks.  But God’s design–which he placed in boys as the picture of himself–is a resounding yes.  Be fierce, be wild, be passionate.” John Eldredge, Wild at Heart

Happy Father’s Day to all the hardworking, kind, brilliant men I know! I am blessed to be surrounded with men who work hard, give sacrificially, teach wonderful lessons, and inspire others. Today, we pause to celebrate all men…not just those we call “dad”.

I grew up as somewhat of a “daddy’s girl.” Although my dad is a tough guy through and through, having daughters soften his heart and made him one of the most tender and loving men I know. He was always interested and invested in me. He was firm yet caring. He was tons of fun as he would throw us up in the air as high as he could and caught us dozens of times in a row! I admire his work ethic and drive now that I am an adult recognizing all of life’s challenges. He had my back growing up, and I know that he still does. He is a strong foundation in our family and I am grateful. I see that I married a man with  similar character traits as we work to build a life and family of our own. I am blessed to be cared for and loved by these men.

Enjoy the day with your dad, your husband, your grandpa, your uncles, your brothers, and your friends. Thank-you guys!
Your Trainer,

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