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Your Training Guide: Part Two!

One of the local sports clubs that I teach group fitness classes offers Competitor Magazine free every month!
It has local race information as well as great fitness articles and tips. In this month’s issue an article titled Muddy Mayhem, A Brief Glimpse at the White Hot Obstacle Racing Craze, author Pete Williams notes that over 2 millions people competed in some sort of adventure race in 2012 and that number is growing into 2013! Most of these races require a mix of strength and endurance prep. (That’s where I come in as your top motivator and trainer!)

If you are training with me, reading this blog, or attending any of my outdoor boot camp classes, you know that I have challenged you to an end of summer goal of entering the Rugged Maniac Race. Many of you have accepted the challenge, while some of you are still hesitant. I can not stress enough that, although this is challenging, it is for fun. Now that we are all signed up, let’s make sure we are on track with our training!

These races require overall strength as well as cardiovascular endurance. Many of us “gym folks” out there tend to be strong in one of these two categories. We may be strong and able to climb ropes and leap over fire with our quads of steel, while the others find ease in cardiovascular endurance. We see these recreational athletes running, spinning, and barreling through 5k or 10k’s without a problem.  The obstacle course style race combines the best of both worlds and requires each of us to dig down deep for a winning combination of stamina and power! Here is where integration is key! HIIT training, is a great way to ensure you are race ready. By combining cardiovascular drills with plyometrics, flexibility, strengthening, and stamina there is no doubt that you will feel strong before the big day. I encourage you to check out this HIIT workout!

Competitor Magazine has us Training for Obstacle Racing:

Warm Up Your Core:
This is good because you are using your entire body throughout the race.
Try: Front and Side Planks
Glute Bridges
Walking Lunges
Lateral Lunges
Lunges will not only prime you for movement but help prevent injury. Check out how to warm up the hips and glutes before the race.

Be a Kid:
Balance beam, monkey bars, climbing walls. practice at your local playground!

Choose Your Own Adventure:
I always advise that the benefit must out weigh risk. However, be creative! Competitor says: There’s no reason you can’t run up and down that mountain of mulch available to you at your local park. Those huge concrete culverts along your running trail waiting for installation? Why not bear-crawl through them as you will in the race? Instead of avoiding muddy trails after the rain, embrace them. Use whatever you find: Hop up and down on a fallen tree, straw bale, or stair step.

Run off-road:
Obstacle races take place off-road. So why train on concrete or asphalt, which is harder on your body anyway? Challenge yourself to run as much as you can off-road, leaping over sidewalks and other paved areas.

Run Intervals:
Alternate between intervals of work and rest. Check out some ideas!

Run Hills:
Unlike the steady, paved incline of many road races or the run portion of most triathlons, obstacle races feature short, steep, off-road climbs.
-direct quotes from Competitor Magazine, Training for Obstacle Racing, by Pete Williams

Join the team! We are going to celebrate the victory afterwards!

Also, if you are interested in popping in on an outdoor HIIT or boot camp class please let me know and I will get you some more details for June!
Right click here and save as for your printable June calendar!

After reading this, you may have noticed many tips on training for both strength and endurance. You should have noted information on training in a natural and functional way so that your body can perform tasks more effectively and efficiently. You have information here from warming up to playing and being a kid. To tell you the truth, race or not, this is a great training attitude for any one to adopt! Good luck with your summer training! #goodhabitude


Your Trainer,


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