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Try it Thursday: Be Beautiful!

To all who radiate outer beauty because they treasure inner beauty.

There are so many ways to eat beautiful foods for beautiful skin, and many of our kitchen pantry items are transferable into our personal care routines as well!

Guys, I can speak for many of the women out there and say that this is worth reading for you too. Men and women tend to age differently with slightly different stigmas. Women, despite being the beautiful creature we are, tend to fight this process with everything we have. Believe it or not, we are even called “old” at times!

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Men on the other hand seem less stressed about this (please let me know if I am wrong!) with their salt and peppered hair, they commonly fall into the stereotype of “distinguished” as they appear more rugged, handsome, and established.

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These stereotypes are neither right nor wrong. I challenge us to look at outer beauty through the lens of health and wellness. For when we are healthy on the inside, I believe it will show for years to come on the outside! And I know as a woman, I want all the men in my life (husband, father, grandfather, brother, friends) to be beautiful right along side of me, so please…keep reading!

Eggs, legumes, avocados, soybeans, and nuts: Biotin! Biotin metabolizes carbohydrates and fats. If you have dry skin, you may have a past of too many antibiotics or poor diet. Adding these foods may help.

Salmon: Astaxanthin! This makes salmon pink and will keep your skin-tight. Omega 3’s will keep you looking healthier as well.

Green Tea: Polyphenols! Protects against free radicals.

Pomegranents: This fruit has nutrients to accelerate wound healing and can help produce more collagen and elastin by making your epidermis thicker. This is you looking and feeling great!

Tomatoes: Enjoy to the fullest this summer as they can help reduce sunburn. This is in addition to the lycopene this tasty fruit contains!

One of my personal favorite summer tips for my skin is massaging coconut oil into it. In addition it makes a great hair mask. But the benefits of this tropical fruit oil don’t stop there. Check out what Dr. Oz has to say about coconut oil!

More reasons to be sure you are stocked up soon with your new favorite oil:

-Remove Your Makeup: Ditch the chemicals! After a night out, it just takes one swipe out some oil on a clothe to make sure your sexy cat eye doesn’t end up on your pillow case.
-Baking: Imagine fresh-baked brownies. Now, imagine fresh-baked brownies made with coconut oil. Better, right? Use it as a substitute for shortening, butter, or other types of oil, and get a sweeter, lighter tasting dessert.
-Add To Sweet Beverage:s It’s easy to bring a kick of coconut to hot chocolate or fruit smoothies. Remember if you’re adding coconut oil to a cold beverage, make sure to heat it up to liquid form before stirring in.
-Leather Shoe Cleaner: Make sure your boots remain “made for walking” by rubbing them down with a dab of coconut oil to keep them clean and soften the leather.
-Remove Stickers From Merchandise: Darn you, discount stores! Sticky labels and price tags are easy to remove. Just mix with some baking soda, spread it on the sticky area, leave for 10 minutes, and all evidence of your bargain will rub right off.
-Season Cast-Iron Frying Pans: Cast iron needs maintenance to ensure foods don’t stick, and coconut oil makes a fantastic coating to keep your pan slick.
-Canker Sore Remedy: If your diet consists primarily of fresh pineapple and sour soothers, one of the (likely many) health issues you’ve endured is the dreaded canker sore. Coconut oil has been said to speed up the healing process.
-Furniture Polish: Some coconut oil and lemon juice is all it takes to bring a beautiful shine to your wood furniture. (Just be sure to test it out on an inconspicuous spot first.)
-Toothpaste: Combine coconut oil with baking soda to make your pearly whites gleam.
-Lip Balm: While coconut oil makes lips shiny and moist on its own, the recipe for coconut oil lip balm-made with beeswax, shea butter, and colouring if you so desire – is a winner.
-Popcorn: Microwaved bags of yellow grease are fine if you’re holding a ’90s theme party, but you can bring some authenticity back to your popcorn by cooking it on your stove top with coconut oil and a few seasonings.

Try to incorporate some of these creative and delicious ways to be beautiful or handsome into your day! Let’s redefine together what that’s all about!
Your Trainer,

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