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Make a Difference with Your Fitness: Oklahoma

Sometimes tragedy feels overwhelming. Personally, I can feel consumed by emotion, grief, or disbelief. I feel that some disasters are too big for me. A voice inside of me will whisper; Who could you help? You are so small in a world so big. Would your help really make a difference? Ashamedly, I listen to that voice. However, there are times I start to feel a restlessness inside of me and I believe that taking just one next step could make a difference.

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The recent natural disaster in Oklahoma swallows us up, near and far away. However, I would like to present an opporutnity for Habitude Fitness readers and friends to Make a Difference with Your Fitness. Our local church (The Chapel) has a man who owns a semi truck and is taking donations through the end of the week. He will then haul all of the items collected for the tornado victims and families to Oklahoma. If you have an appointment or class with me any time this week, I will be collecting the following:

Sports Drinks
Non-persihable food and snack items
NO clothes

I will then take all of the items collected and drop them off by June 1st.

If you are a part of this community and are not within distance to drop off items but something is still stirring inside of you to help, you can also give through The Chapel by using your smart phone to text RELIEF and the amount of your gift to 86613, example: text “Relief $25” to 86613.

Also, take a moment to check out this link for safe online giving.

When I was a young girl, until the time I was about 10 years old, I was deathly afraid of tornadoes. After my bedtime prayer at night I would follow it up with, and please, Jesus don’t let there be any tornadoes…every night. I was a child who would gather up my baby sister, my dog, and some blankets to sit in the closet if there was a storm warning. Then, I was in one.

My family was traveling together and a storm started brewing. I can even remember the pink t-shirt I was wearing. As the rain poured and we began noticing debris such as tree limbs and boards flying through the air, everything suddenly stopped and became eerily calm in the sky. My mom looked over her back right shoulder out of my window and said to my dad, “Evan, there’s a funnel cloud.” He drove fast to the nearest overpass. We watched the small tornado move on its set path from a safe distance away. I was shaken up, but as I grew up my fear of the situation decreased. I was part of the storm, but my Father protected me. This story is nothing compared to the devastation that the people in Oklahoma are facing. They have lost everything in many cases; even lives. I only tell it because I think it proves a point: you never know. Lives can change in an instant. Wouldn’t it be powerful to know that you were are part of helping others? I believe that our little community can indeed make a difference.

You can make a difference.

Your Trainer,

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