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Body Weight Exercises!

I must share something with you that a fitness friend recently sent to me!
These are the perfect exercises to incorporate into your routine NOW!

Warning: This is intense!

Professional gymnastics coach Christopher Sommers uses body-weight training to build passive and active flexibility and both static and dynamic strength in his athletes. According to Sommers, body-weight training can yield greater strength gains than training with free weights. He states: “The harder the contraction over a greater part of the body during an exercise, the more effective the exercise…One main advantage of these advanced body-weight exercises is that they require a complete full body contraction. In fact, at advanced levels, there is simply no other way to complete them.”

As always, don’t be surprised if you see several of these moves pop up in your workouts with me! Summer training…here we go!DSC_2678-3-2417519579-O

Let me know if you give one of these moves a try!

Your Trainer,

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