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Try it Thursday: Are You Willing To Flex A New Muscle?

Our busy world has a person striving toward a success that is measured through advancements, promotions, and reaching the top. We all have likely measured our worth compared to the person next to us rather than comparing ourselves to our personal growth goals. When a friend or neighbor asks how we have been doing we reply, “Busy!” This can give a sense of validation or affirmation. Being busy (or overly so) seems normal and even successful. We are all sometimes master jugglers in our suburban American life.

In my own journey toward seeking out optimal health, I found these thoughts and behaviors to be unhealthy habits. At different times I was experiencing burnout and unhappiness. I was prioritizing my life all wrong and found myself saying yes only to please others. There were times when I felt unproductive at work, unproductive at home, and unproductive in my health. I found myself feeling lost. What is my true passion and calling? What drives me? How am I wired up? Where do I want to be in the next couple of years? Am I making a difference where it counts most? I still ask myself these questions!

I believe through opening myself up to the possibility of change, my motives, behaviors, thoughts and actions are being transformed. I have in return become a more complete and confident person. I have many gaps in my life, but have asked others to help out and fill in through thoughtful leadership equipping, employment advice, and dream envisioning. I am more humble and willing to admit when I make mistakes and attempt to no longer strive for comparison or perfection. Rather than viewing some of my wiring as weakness, I try to view them as strength. I recognize there is a dark side of a person’s strengths too and bad habits that we can easily slip back into. However, I journey forward to recognize when those traits turn dark, and seek out growth and help from others. I recognize that truth, confidence, and standing for your convictions are often difficult in the marketplace and in relationships, but again I trudge onward to measure myself only to myself.No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2427309932-O

All of these things are a work in progress as I am juggling everything in my life. I yearn for space, peace, and balance in life; all while embarking toward significance and passions. That is why I work at pursuing them and growing while doing so. These habitudes are like muscles and, if they are not worked, they will be weak. The more I flex and exercise them, the stronger they will become and the more I hope to see them grow. Yes…this is the work!

I challenge you to ask yourself tough questions too and go on a journey to process and flex! In work, in family, in health, in spirit, in relationships; you may be sore tomorrow!

Resources to help yourworkout:
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“You’re never too old to be what you might have been.” -The 19th century writer, George Eliot

Your Trainer,

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