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April Showers Bring May Flowers

I love the change from winter spring into summer spring! I was fortunate enough to open up all the windows in my house and let the fresh air run through.The front of my home faces a field, while the back of my house faces my neighbor’s garage. When I am sitting in my peaceful living room toward the front of the house I am able to look out and hear the birds singing and admire several ducks swimming in a giant puddle located in the middle of the field. (Puddle, lake, pond…who cares!) It reminds me of home. The stillness and tranquility of growing up out in the country. No busy car sounds heard from the highway, simply the sound of Mother Nature; a beautiful musical and peaceful stillness all rolled into one.

As I walk to the back of my house I can hear the little neighbor girls playing. I can hear that their grandpa and grandma just arrived for a visit. I know this because I heard them yell, Grandpa’s here!! Grandma watch me!! I can hear the grandparents singing with them and chasing them around the yard. Their squeals of excitement make me smile. It reminds me of playing with my Grandparents growing up on their farm. They were so loving, tender, and fun. I had a blast being a kid with them.

I was able to take a lunch break outside after work, and it was good medicine. The warm sun on this pale face warms me from the inside out. My dog brings me joy as he runs to chase the ball while playing fetch. He lives life at the end of his leash; something I aspire to do. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Good health, from the inside out, is so much more than a diet or exercise plan. It is moments shared with those we love, taking in God’s awesome creation, valuing simplicity, and being grateful despite our crazy world.


Thanks for listening…
Your Trainer,

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