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Lower Body Challenge!

A new challenge for you! A lower body challenge for the next four weeks…are you up for it!?!DSC_2669-2417514848-O

This week perform each exercise a total of 20 repetitions. Next week complete 30 repetitions, the following week 40 repetitions of each exercise, and lastly on week four you will complete 50 repetitions of each move! I challenge you to do this routine up to 3 times per week. We are doing this same challenge in my classes so I am with you all of the way!

Lower body exercise like squats and lunges are not only a great way to sculpt, tone, and strengthen the legs and glutes, but are functional as well. Sitting, standing, and getting in and out of places all require muscle strength and endurance. By doing squats and lunges, you are facilitating the body to move as it was designed to. We can all guess the benefits of having this type of strength and stamina as we move, live, and age.

Day to day stair climbing, getting in and out of the car, and cleaning the garage will all be easier. However, I also want you to note if you begin to increase your speed and endurance in your workouts due to the special attention you are paying to the legs!

Schedule your Lower Body Challenge into your smart phone calendar so that you do not forget to complete your routine 3 times per week. Check it off when you have completed it, and rest in a little pride and accomplishment when you see yourself improve week by week!

1. Prisoner Squats
2. Dead Lifts
3. Prisoner Squats (yes, again)
4. Curtsey Lunge
5. Single Leg Deadlift
6. Sumo Squats
20 repetitions of each week one
30 repetitions week two
40 repetitions week three
50 repetitions week four
Try to do 3x’s per week or use these moves in an All Day Challenge!

Right-click here and Save As for your printable PDF.

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  • We did this in class yesterday, and let me tell ya, I’m feelin’ it today!! It’s awesome because you don’t even need weights to feel the burn with these exercises. 🙂

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