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I am wanting YOU to join in this August 3rd for the Rugged Maniac Adventure Race. This race is a 5K (3.1 mile race) that consists of many challenging obstacles. Is anyone out there interested in joining the team?

To train for this type of race, more than just running is involved. I will be posting training tips and ideas throughout the Spring and Summer to equip you with the guidance you need. I would love for a full team of enthusiastic athletes ready to challenge themselves in a new way through this race and building community with our team.

Kick your training up a notch! michaeljauchphotography.com

Kick your training up a notch!

To feel good during the race, plyomentrics is must. Workout with Habitude Fitness...doesn't this look fun?! michaeljauchphotography.com

To feel good during the race, plyometrics is must. Workout with Habitude Fitness…doesn’t this look fun?!

Check out Rugged Maniac to see if you are willing to commit to this fun and challenging new goal.
I am looking to put together a team this Spring. Let me know if you are interested! Also, I am looking for a stand out dynamic team name; suggestions start now!

I know for me personally once the winter weather begins to break, I love to seize the opportunity to take my fitness outdoors. If you too are looking to get some fresh air, enhance your training, or train for events such as Rugged Maniac, triathlon style races, 5 or 10K’s, I encourage you to consider group training with me! This Spring/ Summer I am running an outdoor Boot Camp class for small and large groups at Independence Grove and at Jones Island Park. First session begins in May. If you would like further information regarding this exclusive, fun, team building experience, please contact me: cassie@habitudefitness.com

Everything you have is already inside!


Help me spread the word and bring your friends! It is going to be a great Summer!
Your Trainer,

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