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Sore Tomorrow or Sorry Tomorrow? You Pick!

Today is Wednesday March 20th, the first day of Spring! Happy Spring to you friends! When I woke up this morning there was a bit of chill in the air…the windchill here was 1 degree. (That is not a typo! 1 degree and the actual temperature was 16 degrees!) Nonetheless we are all gearing up for warmer days in our own ways. Last night after our group fitness class titled, Anything Goes, I offered to conduct a running interval challenge for anyone that wanted or needed to get a few Spring strides in! There were a couple of brave souls. The quick efficient running drill we completed was something I call 20/20; 20 seconds of maximum intensity running, followed by 20 seconds of recovery, and then right back up to speed for another 20 seconds! We perform the sprint interval at a beginner level of 8 rounds. If this is a drill you would like to incorporate into one of your training sessions, work up to completing the drill 20 times! Whew! Another job well done everyone!



From left to right: Moriah, Greg, Lex, Mike, and Me!

From left to right: Moriah, Greg, Lex, Mike, and Me!

This group looks sweaty and tired. We say if you are looking too good after your workout then you probabaly didn’t work quite hard enough!

Cheers to sweat and being sore tomorrow/today!
Your Trainer,


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