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Try It Thursday: Your HIIT Workouts: We Have Learned About it, Now Try it!

On today’s Try it Thursday, I have compiled several HIIT workouts for the stay at home mom, the traveling business man or woman, the avid gym attendee, or the novice who is just thinking about starting to work some fitness in. On Monday’s post I wrote a very brief description of why high intensity interval training, AKA HIIT, is so effective. Today I would love to give you the opportunity to put all that to the test with some fun new workouts!

The Work:
Beginners: Walk, jog, or run .25 mile
Advanced: Run .5 mile
After your run complete:
10 Push-Ups
20 Squats
30 Sit-ups

Work to repeat 4-6 times! Whew!DSC_5234-3122289038-O

I also love using Spri’s braided tubing for home workouts and when training home clients. These travel easy pieces of equipment are perfect for mixing up your workouts or toting in your suitcase. Here is a great Tabata series. First check out Sargent Ken performing the see-saw curl. Always a killer!

Tabata Series: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds of maximum intensity with a 10 second recovery before moving to the next exercise! Download a free HIIT timer for full precision!
(Modification if and when necessary!)
1.Push ups
2. See-Saw Curl (with tubing)
3. High Knees
4. See-Saw Curl
5. Crunches
6. Switch Lunges
7. Push-ups
8. See-Saw Curl

4 Minutes later you should be breathless and your heart should be pumping!

Lastly, here is one more workout that I was inspired by. It is a dumbbell HIIT workout and it is perfectly executed. Please view this great example of maximum all out intensity for a very short period of time. This athlete has 5 rounds of exercises: Her timer is set for 30 seconds, but I encourage you to work anywhere between 20-60 seconds on these 5 moves. Check them out!

1. Plank Row to Burpee
2. Woodchop
3. Thrusters
4. Crazy Russian Twists
5. Sumo Squats with a Row

Again, if HIIT feels scary or overwhelming to you, no problem. It is designed for everyone. One of my favorite classes is my HIIT class. The reason is because I have every age, shape, size, and walk of life imaginable in that class. Some people have just started their exercise journey and some are athletes training for events. What other workout could bring such people into the same space? The workout is quick and efficient. You do not do it every day, and modification is the key. Remember, simply start by walking down the block and increasing your speed for a bit. Now slow it back down. Okay…speed it back up again! You are performing HIIT!

“You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.”

It is a privilege to sweat with you!

Your Trainer,

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