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Check in Tuesday: What’s Your Fridge Look Like?

I just returned from the grocery store…again. I feel like I am always there or needing to go. Fresh food doesn’t last long, and we eat it up quickly. It takes time to make a list, go gather up what you need, sometimes weigh it, check it off the list, watch the cart fill up, check out, and haul it into the house.fridge 1 If you have a recipe in which you are in search of certain special ingredients that can take even longer. “What is spelt flour? Cardamom? Trying new things in the kitchen is not only exciting and fun, it can also provide a healthy adventure for your metabolism and can fight off the monotony: Oatmeal, chicken breast, broccoli, repeat…BORING!

While you are doing your shopping or thinking about your eating habits, here is a chart that I find most helpful in filling up my cart, my plate, and my belly:


Once I am home unloading the grocery bags I feel victorious! I am even more successful if I prepare my foods by washing them and getting things ready to eat so I can grab them when I am hungry. The grocery store can be a daunting place, but stick with it and put the work in to stock your home with the healthy goods! The grocery store is where many of life’s pleasures and even medicines lie if you know how to look. Stay away from the processed and packaged and head to the items that come from the earth!
eat from the earthYour Trainer,

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