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February 18th is National Drink Wine Day!

Did you know that today is National Drink Wine Day? Cultivating wine has been dated back to ancient civilizations as long ago as 4500 BC. Archeoloists have proof of wine production in ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, and China to name only a few areas of primal production.

While it appears the tastes and additives of wine have drastically changed, the purpose behind creating and consuming wine has also transformed. Once upon a time, wine was made because ancient water purification systems were very poor. People drank wine all of the time, mixing it with water, not to get drunk, but rather to survive. I can think of one ancient example: Jesus at the wedding in Cana when the wedding feast miscalculated and ran out of wine early and he miraculously turned the water into wine.

The purpose for creating wine has perhaps changed, but the basic process for creating it has not. Perhaps that is some of the draw. Something natural, ancient, from the earth. Something organic, made and harvested by the farmer’s hands. The array of tastes and smells your senses can enjoy in a glass, and the memories shared by experiencing a special bottle with special people. Yes, there is something to be enjoyed about a glass of wine.wine not

Not only is wine inquisitively interesting and possibly pleasurable, it can, in moderation, be beneficial for your wellness. I am probably not informing you of any new news by telling you that red wine can be good for your heart and anti-aging, but here is why: Polyphenols, include resveratrol. This antioxidant helps to decrease inflammation. Decreasing inflammation in the body will help to minimize aging and battle disease. It has been said that consuming just one glass of red wine a day for women and two glasses a day for men has been proven to provide a variety of benefits for your heart. It can help decrease plaque build up if you have high cholesterol, which can in turn lower your risk of heart attack. Resveratol also helps to bring blood and oxygen to your skin.

I really enjoy a nice Malbec, Pinot Noir, or Red Zinfandel, but I have also come to be fond of white wines due to sensitivities to histamines being more profound in reds. I have grown to enjoy and appreciate Sauvignon Blanc, Chadonnay, and Pinot Grigo. As one who is always looking for optimal health, I had to find out if there were any added benefits to enjoying a glass white wine like we hear of the reds. Here is what one of many sources had to say:

“In 1999, a Turkish university compared the antioxidant benefits of red wine, grape juice and white wine. The Ankara University researchers found that, while red wine and red grape juice contained higher levels of antioxidants, the protection of cells from oxidation was not significantly greater than the effects of white wine. Studies analyzing white wine’s effects on particular diseases have found that its antioxidant content is effective for preventing lung disease and breast cancer. In 2002, researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine found that moderate lifelong white wine consumption improves lung health. In 2010 University of Wisconsin researchers found that white wine protects cells from breast cancer equally well compared with red wine. The grape itself also contains nutrients and antioxidants, so white wine, while not as healthy as red, is still considered a healthy beverage.” -Livestrong.com

I enjoy wine on a Saturday evening at home or a special evening out with friends. Habitude Fitness maintains a posture of moderation in enjoying alcoholic beverages. This is so we can create space to reach our health and wellness goals, and so that we are safe and responsible.

An amazing winery in Spain with my best girls!

An amazing winery in Spain with my best girls!

Will you stop on the way home tonight and pick up your favorite bottle? It doesn’t have to cost much! Most of us can’t taste the nuances in the expensive stuff anyways!

Happy National Drink Wine Day! Cheers!

Your Trainer,

My birthday cake this past year...A wine bottle! Cheers to good health and good friends like you!

My birthday cake this past year…A wine bottle! Cheers to good health and good friends like you!

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