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Try it Thursday: Happy Valentine’s Day; Partner Up!

Working out with a partner is a great way to celebrate having those in life that we cherish as friends, co-workers, neighbors, significant others, family, children, and community! If nothing else, download this fun song and share a dance or go for a walk together!

Here is an inspiring clip with endless ideas for you to pull from for a great workout! I encourage you to pick 4 moves. You and a partner can do those 4 moves Tabata style! (Again, this is one of my favorite ways to train. Maximum effort for short burst of time!)

If you choose to partner up Tabata style, time yourselves for 20 seconds of maximum, all out execution of the exercise-followed by a 10 second phase of rest and recovery; then quickly go into the next exercise. (If you are looking for a great free app, I use this HIIT timer for my personal workouts. It can adapted for any timed interval.) You can repeat this workout 2 times through for a total of 8 times or 4 minutes. OR, for a different challenge, you can take one of your 4 exercises and perform it for a total of 8 times equalling 4 minutes before moving onto your second, third, and last exercise for a total of 16 minutes. This would be a killer workout and should only be done once a week. What will be nice is that you will have your partner there to encourage you and help you push through. Have fun!

Your Trainer,

p.s. Clients and students, do not be surprised when these moves start to show up in some of your workouts…don’t they look fun?!

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