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Try it Thursday: Weekly 5K!


It has been another rough winter here in the Midwest and many of us are aching for spring. It is getting challenging for many of us to stay motivated, stay moving, and not get down about another month (or more) of the cold. Creating and sticking to a fitness regimen you enjoy and delivers results can be difficult. Today I challenge you to PUSH through winter, prep for Spring, and get a little more fit by committing to a weekly 5K!

That is 3.1 miles, 1 time per week jogged, walked, sprinted, skipped, done on the elliptical, biked, or crawled! I am confident that this challenge is going to get you through the rest of the winter.

It could be sub-zero, but I see you committed to a treadmill and rocking out to your tunes. I also see you walking the dog an extra lap in the morning to hit the 5k milestone. How about those of you who live where the temps are more mild? I see you completing the challenge once a week in just a hoodie! What a great way to get some fresh air! No excuses, just results!

Creating goals is a great way to stay committed, disciplined, and motivated. If you know that those around you are committed, odds are you will be too!

I found a burst of energy just the other day on my first challenge day. I cranked up the tunes and ended up going pretty hard those last few minutes. What pushed me? I was thinking about this community and hoping as I was running, that people would be inspired to stay active, and know they are not alone. Ready to take on another challenge?IMG_20130123_113924_079

Your Trainer,


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  • Way to go Steve! I am going to try to get out with my puppy in the winter wonderful – I hope we can do three miles and not fall! Thanks Cassie and a big hooray for your personal challenge!

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