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Try it Thursday: What’s Your Word?

So 2013 has officially gotten started. Has it been the start you were hoping for? Did you make some resolutions, goals, or create some dreams? Did you…oops, forget about them? It’s ok! It happens. In a recent Try it Thursday holiday post, I challenged us to write down some of our 2013 goals with some friends or family members and nominate someone to hold onto those papers. Next year sometime between December and January it can be fun to get those back and see how you did and what the year brought your way. The intention is not to be hard on ourselves if we didn’t reach all of our goals, but to see how we did at accomplishing our goals, ideas, and dreams!

Recently I heard another idea I really liked! The challenge is to come up with a word that encompasses what you want 2013 to be about. Then, think of that one word throughout the year. Write it down, post it where you can see it, and meditate on it.


Some of us know right away what our word needs to be. If not, give your word some time, energy, and thought before jotting it down.

Let’s say you create a word for 2013 such as, wellness. This word is all encompassing and could represent many things. It could mean, eat healthy, lay off the sugar, quit smoking, go for more walks, loose 15 pounds, read more books, go to bed earlier…

Your word can mean many things to you. At the end of 2013, I hope that we have become people who’s word identifies and describes each of us a little better. Let’s commit to changing our habitude toward resolutions!


 “Modern life conditions us to skim the surface of experience, then quickly move on to something new.” -Stephan Rechaschaffen

Your Trainer,

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  • My word is ‘Lift’.

    I want to lift: discourse, spirits, others, and weights (and my rear end). This one word applies to the goals I have for wellness, marriage, family, friends, work, and community.

    Thanks for all you do, Cassie!

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