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Working Out is a Privilege

I love surrounding myself with people who are infectious with character and personality, I have personally grown and continue to reap many benefits of having these inspiring people around to challenge me in new and different ways. Today I would like to introduce a woman of inspiration and energy. She is a guest writer for Habitude Fitness and someone I often refer to as a “beautiful butterfly.” I have seen her go from a shy, fairly fit, barely confident (in the fitness world) gal, who transformed over the year into an outgoing, strong, beautifully confident woman. I watched her complete her first sprint triathlon last summer and it was inspiring. She is one of the many incredible people I get to call a friend, and I asked her to write about anything under the sun. Graciously she accepted the offer. Introducing Moriah:DSCN1412

Working out is a privilege

When I’m having a bad day at work, I always seem to suffer an insatiable craving for chocolate. Or cupcakes. Or some other junk food. It’s like I feel I deserve something as a reward for having the willpower to smile patiently at a co-worker when he’s driving me crazy, or pitch-in even if someone else isn’t pulling her load. I’d even reward myself by skipping my workout that night. But I’ve come to realize I was thinking about it all wrong.

One thing I’ve learned from Cassie is that working out, rather than being a chore that requires more willpower, can be its own reward. Getting to see familiar faces in class, people giving me high-fives for doing insane numbers of push-ups, that feeling of calm I get after a really hard workout, knowing I’m doing something really good for my body … those are all really great rewards if you can train yourself to see them that way.

My favorite motivational quote comes (naturally) from Cassie. We were dragging ourselves up a “mountain” in the cycling room after an already tough strength workout. “Dig dig dig!” Cassie yelled in encouragement. My legs felt like lead. I felt like quitting. Then came the words that have forever changed how I see fitness: “Working out is a privilege, you guys!”

I thought of people who, due to medical reasons or other life circumstances, don’t have the ability to workout like I do. I thought of how devastated I’d be if I could never run again, or go to a fitness class that kicks my butt and leaves me sore. I realized it’s true; working out is a privilege. And I got a burst of energy to climb that mountain.

So now, when I’m having a really tough day at the office, I can usually get myself to think about working out later and forestall the looming cookie craving. I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m making progress. As long as my boss doesn’t need me to work late and miss Cassie’s class …

How do you reward yourself after a tough day?

First Sprint Triathalon! Summer 2012

First Sprint Triathalon!
Summer 2012

Thank you Moriah for your spirit and kind affirming words! You and all the people like you are exactly why this is so much fun! This is what’s truly inspiring. It is indeed a privilege…

Your Trainer and Friend,
Cassie and Moriah

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  • I was shoving goldfish crackers into my mouth while reading this.. oops. I folded up the bag and put them away! That is no way to reward myself for working out already today is it? Thank you for helping me put the fishes back where they belong- IN THE CABINET where they can get stale and inedible! Miss you all.

  • Thanks Cassie and Moriah – I appreciate your words and encouragement and seeing you both at the gym and watching all the hard work that you put into a workout. I am inspired by you both.
    As I run with my puppy, I tell myself (especially in the bitter cold!) that it is indeed a privilege to be out in the dark, in the cold with two legs that might ache from Cassie’s class but that work and are able and a brain that tells me to get going and I indeed can get going. I am not facing a wheel chair, or crutches or a crippling disease. I owe it to those people who can’t run and work out to push my body and physically do as much as I am able to. I hope others will read your message and feel the same way.
    Class with you and running outdoors are indeed the rewards for the day and when I do eat a cookie or some candy, I don’t feel quite as much guilt. 🙂

  • Aww …. Cassie! Thanks for your kind words and the opportunity to share my journey here. Class is often the highlight of my day, thanks to you and everyone else here on the blog and at the gym.

  • After a tough day I reward myself in a variety of ways! Temptations are just as you described…but I always feel best if I walk with the dog a little further, talk with my husband, or indulge in a glass of wine on a Friday (end of a tough week!). One of my favorites indeed has to be the feeling of accomplishment that the workout provides! Thanks for the reminder Moriah!

  • I love this!!! Thank you so much for writing this Moriah, it is just the motivation I have needed lately. Those times I grab a cookie or some other processed food lying around the office, I have never stopped to realize “why am I eating this”? You said it best! It’s like a reward for having to put up with someone or something and in the end, it really is only hurting me.

    I am going to put what you had to say into better practice and start thinking about the satisfaction I will have at the end of the day when I finally can get to the gym and get into my zone.

    I do have to say though, I already ate that cookie this morning and well, I don’t feel physically good about it now, but this post helps me look forward to the end of my day or make a mental note to be more aware.

    Thank you. You guys are great inspiration!!!


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